July's "Sweet!" Kit Reveal: Part 3 (Planner Dividers)

Hello there everyone! It is time for part 3 of the "Sweet!" reveal!!! So today I will be sharing with you all the Planner Dividers for our upcoming "Sweet!" collection/kit! Yaaaay! It is such a fun and summery collection! And so much in this kit is my favorite! Especially in these planner dividers! I mean, just look at all these gorgeous, vibrant colors and all the super cute-ness!!! And yes...those are calendar pages that you are getting now too in addition to the awesome and cute decorative planner dividers...hurrrah!!!!!!

If you know me, you know already, of course, that the Rainbow Unicorn Planner divider is my favorite!!!! She is just so beautiful! I think she knows it too! :-)

I love the ice-cream cone one too! It just makes me happy! It also really makes me want some ice-cream! And I think it just screams summertime!!!

Oh, and speaking of sweets, how darn cute is that cotton-candy girl with the little bow and the polka dots?! I love her! She is just smirking and has no clue I think that she is probably going to get eaten! Hahahahaha!

I think the "I am me and that's ok!" is another favorite of mine. It goes with one of the main themes of the "Sweet!" collection, which is -- being yourself and being okay with yourself!

I am loving the rainbow watercolor divider that says "Hello Summer"! It feels so fresh and just reminds me of a beautiful summer day outside!

That fabulous, and oh so cool, summertime gal with the "xo-xo" shades is definitely 100% herself and happy to be "one of a kind" ! She is so great! I had fun designing her! She has this very "pop" kind of look...kinda reminds me of artwork from the 80's! You can tell, she is killin it this summer!

And The quote divider that says: "sumertime = good friends, great food, sunshine, sea breeze, could I have some more please?!" is way cute! And it is totally what I will be saying all summer long!

I think the pink sunglasses divider is definitely perfect for Summertime! I love the cute pattern in the background too that looks like rainbow sprinkles or confetti or something! Just screams summer beach/pool party to me!

Oh, and the "Sun" divider also screams "it's time for summer"...don't you think? And just makes me want to go out and have a swim and play in the sunshine!

There are so many dividers in this kit that I love! They are all so cute and they all just make me feel like lying in the sunshine, by the beach, having fun with some sweets and a rainbow unicorn to chat with!!!

Oh, and I am so excited that we are doing something a bit different this time with our planner dividers -- they now include calendar pages too! Yaaay!

So you get those now too, to use and plan your hearts out! You get the month overview calendar pages and also the weekly calendar pages! [Note: I left off the dates and left the calendar month open so that you can fill that information in and use the blank calendar pages for anytime and any month you want!]

And how cool is this ledger that you get too? So cool that it says "Hello Summer" up in the corner! Would be great to use to list out your Summer Bucket list!

Alright, well I hope you enjoyed part 3 of our "Sweet!" reveal! Yaaaay! I love this collection/kit and I cannot wait to start playing with it! It is just so perfect for Summertime...but also for any bright, happy time, really! Now, I must go and find me some ice-cream...and a unicorn...excuse me... :-) Oh, and remember to live your life as a fairytale and stay tuned for the post that shows the "Sweet!" collection/kit in its entirety with all the fairytale inspiration revealed too! See you later!