New Kit Sneak Peek! : "This is Halloween" :-) !!!!!

Hi, Everyone! Here is the sneak peek for our upcoming new and exciting kit! I am so very, very excited for this one guys, because it is all about my favorite time of year...Halloween! In fact, I named it "This is Halloween" !!!! And that is because, to me, this kit is what Halloween is all about...happy, magical, and spooky cute goodness that just makes me smile with pure wonder!  

Of course, I also named the kit what I did... as you may have guessed....because it is inspired by a couple of my fave Disney Halloween fairytales/ of which has a song about a town called Halloween that is a kind of magical, spooky, and strange wonderland...and another which takes place on Halloween, in the middle of Salem, with a few very bewitching individuals! Maybe you have guessed my two inspirations already...I will officially reveal them when I do the full reveal, but I'm guessing that you know at least the first one due to my choice of title for the kit!

Anyhow, I really am so thrilled to show you this first look at the new kit! I love, love, love Halloween and I think you are going to love "This is Halloween"! There are so many cute witches and cats and jack-o-lanterns and ghosts and bats...oh my!!! And the kit has both the traditional orange and black Halloween colors, as well as some fresh and oh so fabulous pink and green and lavender thrown in to the color scheme, too! It is so fun, and it absolutely reflects the spirit of the Holiday, which is one of magic, wonder, and a sweet-spooky silliness that captivates all of us who dare to wish upon stars and believe in fairytales!