I'm In! Shaker Dashboard with Carolee

Hey everyone! Your friendly neighborhood Carolee here with a fun and easy shaker dashboard project using Take Note!


First up, the back. I love this divider so I decided to use it in a way where it's easily reusable, like this shaker dashboard! So, I found a properly sized pocket page (this was a 6x8 by Simple Stories, I think) and used that as my base with the divider.

Next up, I selected a few of my favorite die cuts. There seemed to be a pattern after the first two so I stuck to small shapes with gold foil. That made it so much easier to pick out the rest. Having a theme makes future decision making so much easier! Lastly, those die cuts needed friends, sparkly friends! The first couple of Happily Ever After sets came with a bag of sequins so I dug into those to find some that worked with the die cuts and the general tone of pink the divider was. 


Next up, I like to glue some of the sequins in place so that if everything's down at the bottom, it doesn't look bare up top. I use glue dots because they're easy AND sometimes the glued down sequins make friends with other loose sequins and make pretty clusters.


Finally, it was time to finish off the dashboard. First, I used my Fuse tool and sealed up the top of the pocket so none of the sequins would get loose. You could also use some adhesive inside the pocket, a sewing machine to stitch it closed or maybe a line of coordinating washi to seal it shut. Then I adhered the butterfly die cut I had been saving. I really like to add an extra layer of dimension by putting something on the outside of the pocket. Lastly it was time to deal wtih the pesky problem of wrong holes. You see, the pocket page I picked had two holes in it which corresponded to the middle rings of each set on my planner. When things like this happen, I generally just lay down a piece of washi and then repunch the holes. You can also use this trick if you mess up punching the first time. Easy peas!


So, that's it! I hope it inspires you to try one of your own. Tag me @onecraftypotato if you do! Until next time, happy crafting!