Henny's Planner with Everyday Wishes

Hello everyone! Henny here, I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. So today I’m going to share with you a dashboard I have completed for my A5 ringed Planner. 

As you can see, this “Everyday Wishes” kit definitely reminds you of your favorite childhood story. It is just so lovely with pastel of a pale and heart warming delicate shade of color. The contents are full of princess things like castles, unicorns, hummingbirds, flowers .. just like living in a dreamy fairytale world. No matter what your age, fairy tales carry with them a certain magic. 

So, for the pockets, as usual one of the set ups I’ve always loved to do, I have filled them up and decorated them with some pretty die-cuts, stickers and embellishments from the kit.  And I added page flags from Target that coordinated perfectly with the kit. So it’s a pretty simple set up I can say, but sweet at the same time. 😊

Oh how I love how this dashboard turned out!  Isn’t it just lovely? I used one sheet of paper, folded it 2/3 to make a slide pocket, and punched the edge of the pocket with a lacy punch, then secured the ends of the folded paper by sewing them together to make one real pocket. 
For the front side, I placed a couple of note cards from the kit, then just randomly decorated it by adding some embellishments that came from the kit, as well, except for the adhesive gem frame.

I created this dashboard with a slide pocket intended to use where you can slide in there your notes 📝, receipts, letters, stickers, photos, etc... 

For the back side of the dashboard I decided to make a secretarial with card sliding pocket just for an additional space I can use to put anything as i wish. 

So overall I’m really happy with how this dashboard project came out. I hope you’ve enjoyed looking through everything and that it gives you another idea to start your project with. 

If you haven’t ordered this kit yet, it’s still available to purchase, so make sure to get in and order yours today! 😉

I wish you a wonderful and happy day. 
Remember, fairytale does exist, always have faith and continue to dreams about it. Because fairytales, myths, and legends can help you make your own dreams and goals come true. ☺️

Sincerely yours,