January Planner Banner with Kim

Happy New Year!  I'm still kind of in shock that the January is back again but I am thankful that we are afforded a clean slate every year!  

This month,  I wanted to have a welcome banner to start the year off in my work planner so I chose some pattern paper from the 'Sweet' kit.  I've always liked how fresh and vibrant the colors are and thought it would look great for January!

For the notes section, I cut out 'JAN' to obviously symbolize the month, January.  I then sewed it together with some space in between the letters,  to create that banner effect (even though it is tacked down with adhesive).  Then I used my electric cutting machine to write the year.  Adding part of it positive and the other part negative creates a nice layered effect don't you think?

On the calendar part, I used some of the kits label stickers to being to write some of my due dates and added a die cut heart too!

This project is one where it doesn't take long to spruce up, but definitely makes me smile when I've got my planner at work!  Thanks for joining me today.