Carrie's January Project Life Spreads

Hello Everybody!  It's that time of the month where I start to work on my Project Life spreads for January!! 

Over the years I've found that since I don't take photos very often I enjoy a monthly format of documenting best.  I tend to take photos of events I want to remember, meals I like, my current favorite mug, get the picture.  So today I have a couple spreads from the end of January where I showed my daughter Fantasia 2000 for the first time, as well as a bouquet of flowers we put together to remind us of Spring.

Above you can see this first layout has a couple photos from watching Fantasia 2000.  My daughter is laying on the floor in her jammies.  The lady in green is a photo I took with my camera of the TV screen during one of our favorite songs / scenes.  The 6x12 photo is actually a double photo where I took another picture of the TV screen and layered it over a photo of our living room with the bouquet of flowers in the foreground.  I layered them together using Photoshop, and once printed added a thin strip of purple paper to the bottom.  I can't believe how well the product from the Everyday Wishes Kit matched up with the colors of my photos!  In case you didn't know, I'm all about color, color and more color lol!!  This spread was a dream to put together!  Here are more of the details:

The two 3x4 pockets are filled with lots of layers!  I used a yellow ticket from the cut apart sheet and curled the end up, tucking it under the die cut camera.  The gorgeous transparency is layered under it all while resting on top of a tag from the cut apart sheet.  I added an eyelet to the tag for fun.  Here you can also see a peek at some of the green shimmer stitching around the border of the photo at the bottom.

I used the shimmery green thread for the two photos I took of the TV, and the yellow for the pic with my daughter.  (The pink thread is used on my next spread.)

Adding this extra touch of thread to the borders of my photos made them all pop just a little bit more.  Plus, I love the added texture ; )

Here's a better look at both 3x4 cards.  I believe the card with the rainbow is cut down from a planner insert.  It is layered with the die-cut rainbow and the script word "love".  The left side of "love" is popped up while the right side isn't.  I did something similar with the yellow tag.  To add just a little journaling, I used my typewriter and some white cardstock.  Most of my journaling for this "event" will be on a spread that comes before this page (which is not yet completed), so I wasn't worried about adding a lot of text here.

And that's it for the first spread!  On to the next!!

This spread is actually next in order in my album!  There is a 6x12 photo of my daughter acting all moody and cute.  We had all woke up with colds this day and I think her face says a lot : )  Across the page I made a tag out of two of the planner inserts adhered back to back.  All I did cut cut the corners at the top and add an eyelet.  Below it is a close up of our flower bouquet.

Here you can see some of the pink thread I used around the border of my photo.

Love the quote Andrea used for this!

This is what you see when you flip the tag over.  I used a 6x8 planner insert and cut it into a 4x6 and two 3x4 cards.  The piece of paper with the pink stars on blue is part of a border strip that I added in between the yellow and blue of the 4x6 card.  I don't always play the rule of three, but the added pink from the stars makes a triangle of pink across this spread. Plus, it's more stars which goes great with the quote!

I also popped up a die-cut heart between the blue background and star strip.

And here's a closer look at the back of the tag.  How cute are those ice cream cones!?!  Anyways, I used my typewriter and white cardstock to add journaling about our bouquet and tucked the bottom under my little photo.  You can see there's pink thread around the border of this photo as well.

Since this is my first time having my photos printed on glossy paper, I wasn't loving all the fingerprints.  So, I made a custom size pocket for my mini photo using the Fuse tool.  It's closed on three sides and still open at the top so I can take it out if I want.  

And that's pretty much it.  Hope you enjoyed a look at some of my Project Life for January.  See ya next time : )

Cheers!  Carrie