"Happy Day" Full Reveal!

Hello there to all our Fairytale Club peeps! It's Andrea here, and I wanted to share with you all the full reveal of our newest kit, "Happy Day"!  Yaaaay!!!! Wow, I have been wanting so bad to share this full reveal with all of you for so long, and I am so glad that day is finally here! I know that those of you who are subscribers did already get this kit and have seen it in full and I am so glad to hear from some of you already that you are loving playing with it! We did actually send it out around a couple weeks ago to subscribers, and we revealed it in person at Planner Con in San Francisco and sold it to some very lucky ladies while we were there last weekend. But with everything that has been going on recently, I just haven't had a chance to do this reveal post before now and officially put it up for purchase on our website...I am sorry for that...but the wait is over! Those of you who aren't subscribed, and weren't able to join us at Planner Con, can now see the super duper adorable-ness that is "Happy Day" and purchase it now, too! And I really think it will make you super happy! Let's now go through all of "Happy Day," and you can see why it is already a big hit with our subscribers and those who got it in San Francisco! 

Alright, so first of all...how pretty is "Happy Day"?! I just love it so much!!!! Now, I know I do tend to say that a lot, but I just mean it a lot! This kit is so very sweet and filled with such a happy feeling! It has got this really amazing vintage-retro vibe to it, too, which just makes me smile! The colors of the kit are so very happy as you can see! There are a few lovely shades of pink (are you surprised?...I think not...I think we all know by now how I feel about pink), and there is mint and dark teal, a couple different shades of lavender, and also a nice pop of red for some drama!...oooooh!...plus some classic black and white and a little bit of gray in there too. All together, I just love the color scheme for "Happy Day"! It has a fun fresh vibe, while still feeling very nostalgic!

As you know, all of our kits/collections are inspired by fairytales and of course, "Happy Day" is no different! For this one, I was inspired by a few different things that are just making me happy right now and have been on my mind lately. I was particularly inspired by Minnie Mouse and specifically her house in Toon Town! I kind of think of the collection as a whole as just being filled with all the things you would find at her house...her decor, her love of pink and hearts and butterflies, her kitty cat, her big pink phone, etc. The little houses remind me of her house, but I was also a little inspired by the house in the movie "Up" as well, just in that I wanted a bit more of a Victorian look. You can also find a few other fairytale references in the kit, like the pattern "abstract thought," which refers to Inside Out, and a little pink fox that was inspired by Fox and the Hound.  And then there are also quite a few things that are reminiscent of Disneyland in the 1950's and 60's. I recently went to "Throwback Night" at Disneyland, which is kinda like Dapper Day, where everyone gets dressed up in vintage attire...and there was vintage music and lots of vintage photo booths, including an old malt shop setup with milkshakes, and I was definitely inspired by all of that as well! 

Some of the fun icons and images you can find in "Happy Day" include cute little houses, beautiful flowers, a little kitty, a fun little fox, some pretty butterflies, a cool retro pink phone, a yummy milkshake, and a really lovely girl! Okay, now let's go ahead and check out the 12x12 patterned paper in the kit.

There are so many gorgeous patterns in this collection! One of my favorites is this cool geometric one called "Abstract Thought"! It is inspired by the scene in Inside Out where the characters are flattened down into shapes and colors. I love it because it also has this great retro 60's feel to it too and it incorporates pretty much all the colors in the "Happy Day" color scheme.

I also really, really love this awesome floral that we did for this collection - "Call Me Flower." It is big and bold and the stripes behind it help to give it a lovely vintage feeling.  All the beautiful flowers also really remind me of Springtime...which is quickly approaching! The adorable and super versatile pink and red polka dot on the back is also a favorite of mine and definitely has both a vintage feel and makes me think of Minnie Mouse!

02 - Happy Day - Call Me Flower.jpg

This next pattern, "Home is Where the Heart is," is really fun! The houses are way cute all lined up in a row! They are inspired by Minnie's house and they remind me of a perfect little neighborhood that I would so love to live in! The plaid on the back is so in right now, too! I love it!

This next pattern, "Happy Day," may be my absolute favorite in the collection! It is really fabulous! It feels very modern and fresh but also kinda 60's vintage. It just makes me smile! I so love the beautiful butterflies on the back as well! They are so pretty!

This sweet little heart pattern, called "Friends Forever," is so great! It definitely gives me Minnie vibes, and I think it would be so great to use as a whole or to fussy cut apart, as well, so you can use the individual hearts as embellishments, too! And the hounds-tooth on the back is a favorite of mine and very in right now!

This next pattern, "Ticket to Imagination," is really, really perfect to fussy-cut! I love tickets! And you can cut the tickets in strips horizontally so as to use one whole strip of color or vertically so that you can get a multi-color look. You could also cut out the tickets individually. This paper is just so useful and awesome!

Featured on this pattern, "On Hold, Hold On," the little vintage phone in the collection is one of my favorite icons! It is so cute and girly! It reminds me of Minnie's phone! I have always wanted a vintage phone like this! The black and white pattern on the back is also amazing and will work for so many different projects!

The cut-apart sheets in the "Happy Day" collection are beautiful! This first one is appropriately called "Sweet Things."  I love the cut-apart sheets in all the kits/collections we do because they are just so useful. The 2x2 and 3x4 cards are perfect for pocket pages especially!

Here is the second cut-apart sheet in the collection, "Love." I super duper love the 3x4's and 4x6's in this one! Especially that super sweet and adorable kitty cat! The "love" 4x6 is definitely a favorite, too! And the pattern on the back is so kitschy-cute and vintage with the little heart cherries! It's another favorite pattern of mine for sure!

Alright, now let's talk about the embellishments that come in "Happy Day". There are lots of great ones, but I think you can guess which one is my fave...the ephemera pack of course! We always do an ephemera pack with our kits because they are just so useful and beautiful and fun to play with! Plus...everyone loves them! And you can see why...they are just too cute for words! I love all the pieces, but I have to point out some of my favorites, of course! I am really in love with that kitty, and the phone, but also really adore the bingo card and the girl cameo and the little pink card with the butterflies on it...also the lovely flowers and hearts and butterflies...ok, I may have named almost everything...lol!

Another awesome embellishment in this collection is the gold-foil sticker pack! I love the gold! It is so bright and shiny and happy! The gold script words like "happy day" and "love" and "princess" and "prince" are favorites of mine and so is the adorable little gold house!


Our flair buttons are another really fabulous embellishment in our kits! We have done them before and they are definitely one of my fave things to play with! I love using them in particular to make cute little decorative paperclips, but they also work great just directly on your projects like sweet little buttons! And I think the little pink one that says "sweet" on it is my favorite!


Washi tape!!! We have never done washi tape before and I am so excited that with the "Happy Day" kit/collection, we are doing washi tape for the first time! I love these washi tape strips! They are absolutely gorgeous! I think the butterflies washi tape is my fave...but also the one that says "happy day" across it and also the one that actually has the days of the week typed out on it!


And now, let's take a look at all the fantastic and super cute planner pages that are in "Happy Day". These are some of my favorite planner dividers that we have had in any kit! I love all the pink and just how really happy and vintage and whimsical everything is!

This planner divider is a favorite of mine! The three hearts on the ledger are super cute and so is the lovely vintage mint polka dot on the back!

I love the quote on this planner divider, "I'll be your princess if you'll be my prince!" So magical!


The vintage milkshake image in the kit is also one of my favorites, so of course I love this planner divider with the big strawberry milkshake on it! It has a cherry on top so it is fitting that the little heart cherry print is the one on the back of the page. 

The house divider with the quote "Home is where the heart is" is another favorite of mine! Love that great pink house with the heart window on top!

The vintage pink telephone planner divider that says "ring, ring, ring" is so cute! And it really makes me want to chat on the phone.


Here is our beautiful butterfly planner divider...and it makes me smile so much when I look at it! It is so pretty!

This planner page that says "every once in a while, in the middle of our everyday lives, when least expected, love shows up to grant us the fairytale" is so pretty with the teal and the little hearts! I love this quote! It is so true by the way! 

The floral planner pages in "Happy Day" are two of my favorites! They are so beautiful and girly and very happy! Love this big, bold red rose on the polka dots!

And here is a lovely pink petunia! Love this one, too! It is pink...the pattern is my fave...and the word "petunia" is fun...enough said!

I love this little pink fox planner divider! The fox is on top of a hounds-tooth background pattern and I think it perfectly conveys the Fox and the Hounds-tooth...I mean Fox and the Hound...inspiration! Hahaha...that is a wee bit punny! Get it?! Punny!!!!

My cute pink kitty graphic is one of my favorites, as I said before...so it makes sense that this lavender and mint planner divider with the adorable pink kitty on it is a big favorite of mine, too! Can't wait to make it into a decorative dashboard in my planner!

And this planner page is probably my absolute favorite! The pretty vintage girl with the butterfly in her flowing mint hair is just so fabulous! 

And I almost forgot about our transparency for "Happy Day", called "Happiness"...and it is so awesomely cute! Okay, in truth I didn't forget about it, because how could I?! I just saved the best for last! This is my favorite transparency that we have done so far for any of the collections and it is so graphic and fun and just so perfect to use for so many different things! I am particularly excited to put this one in my planner!


Alright, so that is our full reveal of our newest kit/collection called "Happy Day"! I hope you love it as much as I do! The scrapbook, planner, and "happily ever after" kits of "Happy Day" are all now available for purchase on our website! Get yours today! I can't wait to see what you all make with this beautiful and happy kit! That is all for now...remember to live your life as a fairytale! Ta-ta for now!

xoxo -- Andrea