Happy Day Memorydex with Carolee

Hi everyone! Carolee here again with some more Memorydex cards for you to check out!

First up is this fun one commemorating my time at Plannercon. Luckily, the colors of the Plannercon badge and the colors of the kit coordinated perfectly! I punched the scallop along the side and attached it to a card I cut from one of the personal sized dividers. I don't use a personal size planner so the dividers are great for small projects like these! After that, I took a bit of the pink striped divider, used it as a mat for my photo and lastly, added the die cut from the pack and one of the cute gold stickers!


Next up is the first of two cards that are just me messing with Facebook filters. After printing this picture out on my Instax, I cut a mat from the scraps I had after cutting the base cards. Next, I added some of the bigger sequins around the picture and finished it off with another piece from the die cut pack and one of the flare. 

I'll admit, I'm a little obsessed with this filter. Vine bunny ears and flowers? Yes please! I used the die cut and a flower I fussy cut from a scrap to mirror the flowers on the ears. Finally, two of the gold stickers were used to make my title. I feel like this is definitely the headpiece of a magic bunny princess! I used a couple of sequins to dot the eyes because it's never a bad time for sequins!


Last up is this really simple card. I decided to keep it really simple since I went with a more busy background. This was a "what's in my bag?" type of post from my Instagram. These are the things I like to use my Memorydex for: little memories that aren't enough for a big page but that will still be fun to look back on.


So that's it from me! I hope you liked seeing them and that it encouraged you to check out the Memorydex system yourself. Until next time, happy crafting!