A "Shaker" Layout using "Happy Day", with Andrea

Hello Everyone! It's Andrea here and today I want to share with you a lovely and fun layout that I did using the "Happy Day" kit/collection! I love "Happy Day"! It is so cute and filled with just such beautiful colors, patterns and images! So of course, it has been really fun for me to create with! I decided that one of the things I wanted to make with this collection for sure, was a cool "shaker" layout! I've made a layout like this once or twice before and it is just so much fun...so let me share with you what I did and what a "shaker" layout is!


So basically, a "shaker" layout is what it sounds like...it's like a "shaker" card or tag or page in a planner...it is a layout that you can shake and there are sequins in the background that move around! It is one of my favorite new things to do, to make things that can "shake" like that with the sequins. And you make these cute "shaker" pieces, with lots of sequins, of course, and also a transparency or vellum, so that you can see the sequins when you shake them. Because "Happy Day" has such a really awesome, simple but graphic, gold-foiled transparency in it, I knew for sure I had to use it for some "shaking"! :-)


I created my layout by first using some of the gorgeous patterned paper for the background or "frame" of the layout. I chose something bold and colorful and graphic. Then, on top of that, cut just a little bit smaller, I used a simple sheet of white cardstock. I wanted to make sure the sequins had a simple white background that they would stand out against. On top of the white cardstock I poured my sequins out. I used a lot, and spread them around for a really glittery and exuberant, happy look! And then, on top of the sequins, in order to make the "shaking effect, I planned to use my transparency, to sandwich the sequins in.


However, before I laid my transparency down on top and stitched around the edges to close things up, I decided to add some more interest and variety to the inside of my "shaker" part of my layout, by adding in some die-cuts here and there from the ephemera pack in the kit.


I chose some of the little hearts and stars and words...also some other images like a flower and a milkshake...to use as part of the "shaking" background with all the sequins. Once I had those larger pieces in the position I wanted, I simply adhered them down with a little bit of adhesive to make sure those bigger pieces didn't move upon shaking. I also adhered down some of my sequins, here and there. This is a good tip when you are creating anything that shakes like this because it will make certain that things still shake, but certain areas that are prominent and that you know you always want to have at least some coverage upon shaking, will stay in place. This just tends to make things look a little nicer, in my opinion.


Once I got everything how I wanted it on the inside of my "shaker" part of my layout, I then went ahead and sandwiched things in with the transparency page and sewed it all down. I used a zig-zag stitch on my sewing machine, along the periphery of the transparency, to make sure to close everything up.


Then, on top of my "shaker", back portion of my layout, I placed my photo. I chose a really fun, cute picture of my husband, Ryan, and I smooching with our Minnie and Mickey ears on, at Toon Town in Disneyland!  Underneath the picture, I used the ephemera word die-cut pieces that said "fairytale" and "love", to create my title, "fairytale love".


And then to wrap things up, I used a couple vintage buttons from my stash, and one of the beautiful flair pieces in the kit to add just a little more dimension in the bottom corner of the layout. At the top, I added a simple paperclip. And that was all! I didn't want to add anymore layering or any other embellishments because the background "shaker" part of the layout is really very elaborate and eye-catching...so you want to keep things fairly simple on top when you are creating a layout like this.


Alright, well, I think this layout turned out beautiful! It is so much fun and just a cool and fresh idea for a layout! Anyways, I hope you enjoyed it and that is inspires you to do a whole lot of shaking in your papercrafting creations...whether that is for planners, cards, or a fun layout like mine! Hugs everyone! Oh, and if you haven't gotten your "Happy Day" kit yet, get it now...purchase it or subscribe today! :-)

xoxo -- Andrea