"Hello Beautiful!" Full Reveal

Hello there everyone! It's Andrea here and I am so excited today to be sharing with you the Full Reveal of our newest collection, "Hello Beautiful!" !!! Yaaaaaay!!!! I am super duper excited for this collection guys! It is just so special! So, with no further ado, let's dive right in and take a look at this gorgeous new collection/kit!

First, I want to talk a little bit about "Hello Beautiful!" as a whole - what inspired me and what it's all about.  So, the big inspiration here should be fairly obvious...I think you can probably guess that I was inspired a lot by my favorite fairytale princess, Snow White. I have loved the story of Snow White since I was little and to be honest, she has had a pretty big impact on my life and the person I strive to be. I love that Snow White is described as being beautiful on the inside as well as the out...that in fact, her outward appearance is merely a reflection of the good, kind, selfless, strong and courageous heart that lies within. This is what makes her truly beautiful..."the fairest of them all" even! And this is what I always want to focus on in my life, being a good person, having courage and helping others. I think I, and pretty much all of us, forget how very important those things are sometimes. Instead we focus on other things. And, like many other women, when I do focus on superficial things, like my outward appearance, I always seem to find fault and flaws. This is something I wanted to address with this collection as well...not just the importance of being beautiful on the inside, but also the importance of believing in oneself and feeling beautiful! And I wanted to talk about love with this collection, because love is what it all boils down too. What makes us be good and kind and courageous and selfless and strong...is always love. So love makes us beautiful. Loving others. But we also have to love ourselves, so that we can feel beautiful. Anyways, that is sort of the main theme or idea behind this collection, and why I wanted to call it "Hello Beautiful!", so as to remind myself and all of you too, how important it is to be your best self, inside and out, and also to recognize that wonderful self with a big, loud, resounding "Hello Beautiful"! 

Okay, now that we have talked about the inspiration and the general theme...let's look at some of the specifics that make "Hello Beautiful!", so...well...beautiful! For instance, when you look at the collection as a whole, you can see that there is a lot of imagery that is very reminiscent of an enchanted forest. I love the idea of an "enchanted forest"...it is something that shows up a lot in fairytales in general and the story of Snow White is no different in that regard. There is a fores, which seems to be magical in some way...and at first that magic seems scary, or even evil...but then Snow White realizes that it is actually quite beautiful and whimsical, filled with adorable creatures and potential friends. I think this is probably some kind of metaphor for the real world, which is often scary and can even seem very bad and sad sometimes, but which is actually quite beautiful and filled with wonder and love! I wanted that version of the "enchanted forest" to shine through in this collection. I wanted you to feel that beauty and wonder! I also filled the collection with things that I thought would work for planning and documenting our real world, everyday lives...I used pretty and soft floral patterns, mixed with simple but bold graphic patterns that I know convey that "beauty within and without" kind of feeling that I hope you will see and feel as you plan, document, craft and create for your daily life!

Now, let's talk a bit about the color-scheme of "Hello Beautiful!"...I love it! And here is why...it has all these really beautiful shades of pink and also red, which of course I love because I am a super girly girl! But it also has these amazing greens which give that great "enchanted forest" kind of natural, great outdoors feeling which I am in love with right now.  And then on top of all that, there is a pop of yellow (and anyone who knows me knows that yellow is not really my fave color to be honest, but it is so great to have a splash of here and there because it makes the other colors pop more...and I do love that!). And perhaps most importantly, it has these really amazing blues! I love the color blue just as much as I love pink...and I am particularly in love with the royal blues that you find in this collection, they just make everything look so beautiful and fresh and magical! So basically, I just love this color-scheme so much! It is amazing and just gives you a good feeling that makes you smile!

Alright, now let's talk about the pattern papers in the collection. We will go through them one by one and I will talk a bit about why I think each one is so special. The first one I want to talk about is called "Hello Beautiful", just like the collection. It is perfectly named because it is so beautiful...gorgeous...lovely....stunning...pretty...really any adverb that you want to use for beautiful will do here in describing this patterned paper! I think it may be my new favorite paper ever! It is just so cool! The vines winding around and throughout the paper, with the bits of Snow White's story dripping from them...well it is just so visually engaging and alluring! You could fussy cut out individual pieces, or use it as a whole...and you could even frame it if you wanted to. And on the back is a great and super versatile simple white ledger which is perfect for journaling.

Hello Beautiful - 01 - Hello Beautiful.jpg

Another one of my favorite patterned papers is called "Fairest". I love it! It has that gorgeous, bright, bold royal blue in the background and then this adorable floral on top! Super cute! And on the back, a simple and oh so useful, little white and black polka dot!

Now lets look at "Kindness". It is a really beautiful blue on blue pattern paper which is just filled with butterflies! I love butterflies! And on the back is a great white and black diamond pattern that feels both modern and vintage!

"Happy" is another fave pattern of mine and it is this awesome striped paper that has almost all the colors in this collection running across (or down) it...in a kind of ombre style. It sure does make my happy...so it is aptly named! And on the back is a fabulous, geometric, vintage pink pattern!

I also really love the pattern called "Bashful", which is the one with the little deer and bunny on it! Super duper adorable and lovely! And on the back is a really sublime and relaxing blue on blue graphic pattern that is super versatile!

"The Enchanted Forest" is a pattern with lots of gorgeous roses on it...and lots of pink and red...yay! It is perfect for fussy cutting for sure and I love the ombre effect in the background. Then, on the back of this paper is an awesome medallion pattern that has leaves and flowers on it and frankly both sides work together beautifully to just scream "enchanted forest"!

I really love the pattern "Fairytales" too because it is so simple but so elegant! It is a tiny pink floral pattern that almost looks embroidered on top of a pretty green background. And on the back is an amazing ledger...which you can also read, beginning to end and which talks about fairytales and what they are all about!

"A Beautiful Day" is one of our signature cut-apart sheets. We always do at least two cut-apart sheets in our collections and I love all of them but I especially love this one! It has lots of references to beauty and love on it...and tons of cute and pretty graphics...but I also really enjoy the little joke about apples on it! And on the back is a rich green on green geometric pattern.

And finally there is "Sleepy", which has tons of great 3x4 cards and 4x6 ones too...but my favorite may be the one that says "mornings are evil" on it...let's just say I am not a morning person. And on the back is a fantastic pink and red graphic pattern.

Alright, now lets talk about the embellishments in this collection. First, let's take a look at the ephemera pack. We always do an ephemera pack and they are so loved and popular because of all the cool stuff that come inside each pack! This one is no different...it is filled with gorgeous images! It has cute little animals like my little fawn with the flower in her hair, and my sweet little bunny! It has birds and butterflies and plants and flowers and lots of references to nature and natural beauty. It has bows and hearts and labels and tags and even a cool letter! Plus, it of course has a crown, a fairytale book, and a framed pic of a very beautiful girl..."the fairest of them all" you might say!

After we sold out of the words ephemera pack from our "Everyday Wishes" collection...I knew I had to do a words ephemera pack again! So this time, for "Hello Beautiful!" I added in a whole lot of color and some beautiful florals as well!

Alright, not lets look at the Flair Buttons in the collection. I love flair buttons! I just think they are so useful and perfect to add dimension. I also am in love with making them into cute little decorative paperclips! And the ones in this collection are just so cute...especially the little deer one and the pretty pink rose!


Now let's talk about stickers! The Sticker Sheet in "Hello Beautiful!" has tons of pretty stickers on it! I particularly enjoy all the birds, the labels, and that super cute little cottage!


Alright, now that we have gone over all of the embellishments, lets talk Planner Dividers! I love all these planner dividers so much! And because I was so inspired with this collection's theme...I decided to add in a couple extra goodies with this planner set...(i.e. a couple super-double-sided planner pages).

This planner divider is so pretty and just one of my favorite quotes from a certain, beautiful and kind princess!

This planner divider is my favorite I think...just love this framed little lady with the flowers in her hair and the sweet, happy look on her face!

This divider is so cool...with perhaps the best quote ever on it! Look at it and remind yourself that you are "the fairest of them all" just like it says!

Love the big bold rose planner divider....pink roses always make me smile!

This quote is one of my faves too! I know its true and really important to remember!

I love this planner divider too! The little blue birds are so cute and clearly so in love!

This is one of the special super-double-sided planner dividers...because it has a cool decorative front on both sides basically...as opposed to a simple pattern on the back. I love both sides of this one. The butterfly that reminds you to "be yourself" because yourself is beautiful like a butterfly. Oh...and I especially love the side that says "mornings are evil" with the sweet florals on it...it just looks like something I would want to embroider on a pillow!  Once again...I am not a morning person.

The planner divider that says "Hello Beautiful" has an amazing crown on it that is perfect for you because you are "the fairest of them all"!

Love this special super-double-sided planner divider too...one side has an important quote about beauty on it, and the other says "you are my favorite"!

And this little deer and bunny are of course, a huuuuge fave of mine as well! I love this planner divider! It is just too cute for words!

Here is my lovely cloche planner divider...with the cool little mini garden or "terrarium" on the inside, and underneath it says "a beautiful day"...so elegant and enchanting!

And finally, here is a super funny and awesome planner divider that starts our with the "some day when spring is here..." quote from Snow White...but ends by making it clear that no spring-cleaning will be going on in my house if I can help it! I hate house-work! That is one thing Snow and I definitely don't have in common!

And finally, for this collection, we decided to try something new and ado a Vellum Sheet! We have done transparencies before but never vellum and I am so excited to try this out! It is a gorgeous gold-foiled on vellum floral pattern and I love it!


Alright, that is all for our newest collection/kit "Hello Beautiful!" I can't say enough good things about this collection! I really put my heart in it, and I hope that that comes across and that it inspires you to feel beautiful and create beautiful things!!!  It's available to purchase now!  Yay!  Hugs everyone!!!

xoxoxo --- Andrea