Aimee's "Tiki, i love you" Embellishment Pocket Page

Aimee here, sharing a pocket page using the “Tiki, I love you” kit.

mermaids 1.jpg

I love pocket pages. They are so fun and easy to make. I personally like using baseball card holder’s ones. They hold instax photos perfectly. Well the slots are larger than an instax, so the photo kinda just floats in it.

Here I have made a page without any photos. This is a first for me. But I thought this would be so cute in my album.

Let me tell you about my album real quick. I have an 8.5x11 album, that I use just for pocket pages. This is because I only make a few pocket pages a year. So, I have dividers in the book with the years on them. And when I make a pocket page I just pop it in the album chronologically. This is my very own version of “project life”. This page will get slipped into the summer of 2018, since that’s when this kit is from {really there are no rules}.

I filled the pockets with some of my favorite ephemera from the kit. I added some sequins to one of the pockets, die cuts and flair to the others. I fused them closed and then I stitched “Mermaids” on top of the pockets.

This is a really fun way to use all those extra bits and pieces!

Do you make pocket pages?

XOXO Aimee