Happy Summer TN Spread with Kellie

Kellie from down under back here again to show you how I used the AWESOME Tiki, I love you kit in my journal this time. 

2018-08-04 14.26.54-1

When I bought this journal at the start of the year I had absolutely no plans for it and since then it's how it's stayed.  I put in what ever I want and when ever I want and I love it!  It's a "just because" project and often they are the best sort of projects.

2018-08-04 14.27.26-1

For this journal entry it was about my love of reading, but only mainly in summer?  Odd as I'm sure a lot of people love curling up with a book in winter.  For some reason I'm more relaxed in Summer and often smash out 3-6 books within a month.  Maybe it's the holiday vibes?  I used a lot of the ephemera shapes within the kit for this entry. Laying the leaves that came in the pack with the word summer.

2018-08-04 14.27.37-1

Here is a little tip, all the packed items within the kit, stickers, ephemera, etc come with an insert and on that insert is the palm tree print that I personally absolutely LOVE and so I put all my ephemera shapes into my clear storage containers I use and used the insert for the background in this journal layout.

This is how the layout turned out once I had finished adding in my journalling.  Not a huge fan of my handwriting, but learning to embrace it.

2018-08-04 14.32.28

Do you have a "just because" project that you turn to?  If not then I recommend you try it.