"Magical and Mischievous" Collection Full Reveal!!!

Hello everyone! It’s Andrea here, and today I am super duper excited to share with you the full reveal of our new and amazing Halloween collection, “Magical and Mischievous.” I don’t know about you, but my very favorite holiday is Halloween. It is absolutely just the best time of the year, in my opinion, because it’s all about magic and imagination and a childlike sense of wonder. Halloween, to me, feels just like the one time of year where absolutely anything is possible, and magic seems to be just floating around in the air, everywhere you look. And we all get to be big kids again. We allow ourselves that silliness and that playful exuberance and mischievousness of youth, which I think escapes many of us in our normal, everyday lives. It is with these things in mind, and this special sensibility that emerges every year around this time, that I was inspired to create this new collection in celebration of my favorite holiday with all of you.

As with all of our collections, I was inspired to create “Magical and Mischievous” by some of my favorite fairytales. This time, there are a few different ones that I think best fit the feeling of magic and childlike wonder that I want to convey for this Halloween. I was inspired by Tim Burton fairytales like "Nightmare Before Christmas" but also other classic stories he has told and his specific love of all things 50's and 60's retro.  You can definitely see all the fun retro in the collection for sure! But first and foremost, I was inspired by J.K. Rowling's more modern, yet still classic fairytale of "Harry Potter" and the magical world of Witchcraft and Wizardry that she created! I wanted to create a mid-century modern magic look where the main concept is Halloween in the Wizarding World.  Specifically, I wanted to create the kinds of things you might see on cards and wrapping paper and decorations in the Wizarding World during that retro era at Halloween-time! I kind of merged these ideas in my head and came up with the "Magical and Mischievous" collection which you see here today!

I love the cool retro prints and how boldly they work together to bring such a vibrant and eclectic and whimsical look! And I super love the adorable witches and cats (who are also either transfigured witches or someone's purrrrrfect patronus)! I love the jack-o-lanterns that wink and smile at you (as if they're under some magic spell)!  I love the fun little owls (who are clearly there for a party and not just to deliver mail).  And I love all the yummy candy (which was probably purchased at Honeydukes)! And I love the fun colors in this collection -- the classic orange and black paired with some fun pinks and aquas and greens and purples!

Alright, now that we have done a quick and basic overview of "Magical and Mischievous," let's get into some more detail. First, let's look at the patterned paper in the collection. The patterned papers in “Magical and Mischievous” are some of my favorite that we’ve ever done in any of our collections for The Fairytale Club, and, as I go over each patterned paper with you, you’ll probably be able to see why.

So, for this first pattern, entitled “Magical and Mischievous” (just like the collection), we have a beautiful, retro-looking witch flying on her broomstick past lovely, shining stars and a whimsical, smiling, blue moon, her adorable, black cat in tow. This pattern has to be my favorite of all of them in the collection! It is just too cute for words, with that super adorable witch flying on All Hallow’s Eve. I love the little witch’s pink hair, and her lovely, little, frilly dress, and the fact that she seems to be having so much fun with her cute, little kitty. On the back of this patterned paper we have a beautiful, starry night on a light aqua background. All together, this page gives me lots of magical, witchcraft and wizardry vibes, while also hearkening back a bit to Bewitched and other vintage/retro-looking witches from the 50s and 60s.

01 - Magical and Mischievous.jpg

Our next patterned paper is called “I Want Candy,” and it’s also super retro/vintage-looking. It’s got an adorable, little, pumpkin pail with a grinning, jack-o-lantern face on it and lots and lots of yummy candy inside of it. I put my cute, little, pumpkin, candy pail atop a light mint background and surrounded him with some more candy, like big ole’ delicious lollipops. I don’t know about you, but when I think of Halloween, I think of trick-or-treating, and candy, and so this pattern is definitely an homage to both of those time-honored Halloween traditions. On the back of the paper, we have a sweet, pink and white chevron pattern, which is super cute and versatile, and I just love the addition of pink to the more traditional Halloween color palette of orange and black. Don’t you?

This next paper is also definitely one of my all-time favorites. It’s called “I Heart October,” and it is so perfect to document your October/Halloween time. I think it would be adorable to use to count down the days to Halloween, as a part of a decorative holiday, countdown calendar for this spooky time of year. I also think that it’s perfect for any kind of October daily or October mini album that you might be creating, or even an October planner. It’s just way too cute for words, and, I think, super useful for any Halloween, paper-crafty projects. On the back of this cool calendar cutapart page, there is a very sweet, lavender pattern, with little, orange, jack-o-lantern hearts all across it. It’s a really sweet pattern, and I think it shows off my love of all things Halloween.

Our next pattern paper is called “Wicked but Sweet.” On the front we have a lovely, orange scallop pattern. It feels very modern and super cute. It’s simple, versatile, and absolutely perfect for Halloween time. On the back we have our oh-so-charming, little owl. He is retro-looking and fabulous. He is ready to go to a Halloween party, and he is definitely “wicked but sweet.”

The next pattern is “My Patronus is a Cat.” This is a really pretty pink pattern with lots of beautiful, black cats walking to and fro on it. When I created this pattern, I was thinking of the fact that every witch and wizard in the magical, Potter universe has a patronus that is particular to them and is always in the form of some kind of animal. And I just thought that our traditional, little, retro moon witch in our collection probably has a traditional and classic black cat for her patronus. On the back of this paper we have a super cool black geometric on white pattern. It reminds me of a pattern that you might see in the Potter-verse, particularly back in the 1920s, Fantastic Beasts era.

Next let’s look at “Lovely Luna.” “Lovely Luna” is a lovely, lavender, circle pattern, which looks so much to me like something you’d see in the wizarding world in a “poppy” advertisement for Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes or some wrapping you might get on a candy from Honeydukes. It’s so fun and silly, and it just kind of reminds me of Luna’s playful personality and her exuberant sense of style. On the other side of this paper, we have a much simpler, but super duper versatile, orange on white geometric pattern that I think you’re going to love because you can use it for so many different things.

This next pattern, titled “Spooky Spells,” is a beautiful and big and bold spider web pattern on the front and a much tinier and daintier lovely floral pattern on the back. I absolutely love these two patterns. The spider web in the simple, black and white combo screams traditional and classic Halloween, and the contrast of the pretty, orange and white floral pattern on the back is so interesting, and works so well with the collection, because it once again says vintage and brings a vintage/retro vibe to the collection, while also being more modern and out of the box, because you don’t necessarily think of florals for Halloween time.

Now let’s look at the cutapart sheets. Our first cutapart is called “Magic is Real.” In this cutapart, we have several different sizes of cute, cutapart goodies. We have several 3x4 cards, several 2x2 cards, some awesome tags and labels, plus more! There’s so much to love about this cutapart sheet, but some of my favorite pieces are the sweet, little, waving skeleton card that says “Hi!” and the cool 3x4 “Book of Spells” card. On the back of this cutapart sheet, we have a super versatile black and white stripe, with a fun, modern, aqua triangle across the bottom corner.

The next cutapart is called, “I Heart Halloween,” and it has mainly 3x4 cards on it. I love this cutapart sheet also, and some of my favorite pieces on this cutapart are the super cute “I Heart Halloween” 3x4 heart card, the “wicked but sweet” 3x4 card, the trio of winking, vintage pumpkins in various pastel colors, and, of course, my little haunted mansion. On the back of this cutapart sheet is a super retro-fabulous, black and orange pattern, which I love, and which is giving me such great 50s/60s vibes.

Alright, now that we have looked at all of the beautiful, patterned papers in this collection, let’s now talk about the awesome embellishments that come in "Magical and Mischievous." First, let's start with our ephemera pack. We always do an ephemera pack for our collections/kits because I absolutely love ephemera, and obviously so do all of you because our ephemera packs are super popular and our best sellers...yay! And I think our ephemera packs are so loved because they just always have so many super cute and useful pieces inside them. We fill our packs with as many die cut pieces as possible. We really have fun creating these ephemera packs for you and creating lots of adorable little pieces that you can use to embellish your paper crafting projects, and so of course this time was no different. I am in love with the ephemera pack for "Magical and Mischievous!" It has so many magical and whimsical pieces in it! I can't name all of my favorites because we would be here all day, but let me go ahead and highlight a few: I love the little moon witch of course, and the three sort of cameo pieces (which include a close up of our little moon witch, a little black cat witch, and another cute little vintage witch with some fun green hair), all the cool little pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns in the pack (of which there are several different kinds and colors), the cute little candy treats, and especially the super cool poison apples, and my sweet little bats! 

Now I want to talk you about a really fun new embellishment that we’ve decided to do for our Magical and Mischievous collection. In the past we have done a few different “word” ephemera packs, and they are always very popular with our customers. However, this time we decided to do a new twist on one of our word packs, and add some really fun metallic foiling. In this collection/kit, you will receive a word ephemera pack filled to the brim with awesome Halloween words and some shapes, too, that will be perfect for your spooky papercrafting projects. All the words and shapes in the pack are silver and shiny and beautiful, and I’m so excited to see what you all do with these fun new silver ephemera pieces.

I love our flair buttons that we’ve done for various kits in the past, and for this collection I decided that we definitely needed some cute, Halloween flair buttons that would work great to add some dimension to your papercrafting projects. All the flair buttons are adorable, but my favorites are probably the simple, black and white “Boo” flair button and the classic “scaredy cat” flair button.

Magical and Mischievous - Flair with packaging square.jpg

We have another new, cool embellishment that we’re debuting in this new “Magical and Mischievous” kit, and it is our decorative paperclips. These paperclips are fuzzy and adorable, and they come in a few different Halloween colors that match perfectly with the colors in our collection. They are great to use as a statement piece on your project or layout, and absolutely perfect for planners, mini albums, and October daily’s to highlight or mark your spot on specific pages.

Alright, now let’s look at our planner pages that come in our “Magical and Mischievous” collection. If you order our planner version, or our Happily Ever After version of our kit, you will be receiving these planner pages, and I am telling you now that you need to get these planner pages, because they are just too cute for words, and absolutely perfect for any kind of Halloween mini album or October daily, or any other such kind of documenting album that you have planned for Halloween time. You get twelve of them, and they are all double-sided and just super duper adorable.

Let’s look at the planner pages now individually. First, we have our Best Day Ever planner page. It’s black and white and evokes classic Halloween with its gorgeous spider web detailing.


Our next planner page says “Happy Halloween,” and it’s way cute with the stripes in the background, and the fun Halloween font in the foreground. On the back we have a cool ledger paper that is perfect for any journaling that might want to do.

Here we have our haunted mansion planner page. This is definitely one of my absolute favorites. Our haunted mansion image is just way cute. It’s a spooky, little, retro-looking, haunted house on top of a hill, surrounded by tombstones, some friendly ghosts, some spooky bats, a crescent moon, and a smiling jack-o-lantern. And the coolest thing of all is that our house itself seems to have a face and a personality all its own! It is truly a “haunted and adorable” house!

This planner page, which we lovingly call “Humphrey the wicked party owl,” is also one of my favorites in the collection! I super love the way he looks with his little party hat on. And I also love his message for us, which is this: Something Wicked this way Comes! (i.e. it’s time for Halloween, everybody) I also love this planner page because it very much reminds me of the Wizarding World - the owls that they use to carry their messages - and I used the combination of these two patterns to really give it the look and feel of some kind of advertisement or something that could actually come from that magical world.

Our next planner page is an awesome quote. It says, “Magic is real, it lives inside all of us, and its light shines brightest in times of wonder, love, and creativity” I love this quote! It reflects the magical experience that is Halloween time. On the back is a special surprise, as I have placed for you a super cute October calendar that you can use to count down the days to Halloween, or mark out your plans in your planner, or document your October in any October Daily or October document mini album that you might make.


Our next planner page is also one of my absolute favorites. I love love love this one! The quote is great: “Magic is something you make!” But the best thing about it is that it’s written in such a way that it looks like a witch or wizard is, with their wand, creating the script out of thin air. I love the way this page looks and also the message, because I really do believe that magic is something we create. Especially as a crafter, I think by using our imaginations and creating beautiful things, we are literally making magic, just like any good witch or wizard would.

Here is our “I want candy” planner page. I also love this one. It’s got an adorable smiling jack-o-lantern candy pail on it, it’s super retro and super cute, and just makes me want to start eating all of the Halloween candy right now!


Here is our “double double toil and trouble” planner page. I love the bubbling cauldron and this classic Halloween quote from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. I love that it’s also a song that's sung in one of the Potter movies (Prisoner of Azkaban) and the spooky feeling that it gives you just…saying it out loud.

Here is our moon witch planner page. She is just so special and magical and beautiful. This is definitely one of my favorite planner pages. I love our little witch’s pink hair, how sassy and cute and retro she is, the adorable little kitty sitting next to her, the happy crescent moon, and just everything about this page. It is practically perfect in every “witch” way.

Here we have another beautiful witch in our collection. She is super cute, also, and, as you can see by the banner at the bottom of the page, she is both “magical and mischievous.” I don’t know what she has behind her back, but I have a feeling I shouldn’t ask, as I don’t want to get on the wicked side of this particular witch. By the way, this planner page, with its giant cameo and it’s obvious purple and white stripes, is totally giving me fabulous Tim Burton vibes!

“Hello October” is our next planner page. It has an adorable, winking pumpkin on the front, and it kind of looks like the cover of a vintage magazine.


Last but not least is our adorable cat witch planner page. Again I’ve combined two different patterns in the background to create a look reminiscent of something in the Wizarding World. And our cat itself is super cute. She’s retro, and she is a super happy and adorable little black cat, although the fact that she’s also a witch makes me wonder if she has also perhaps performed a transfiguarion spell or is under the influence of some polyjuice potion.

And here we have our transparency for this collection. It is silver, metallic foiled, and super beautiful. You are going to love how it shimmers and shines and how perfect it is for so many of your spooky, Halloween papercrafting projects.

Magical and Mischievous - Transparency - Nocturne square.jpg

Ok! I hope you have enjoyed our full reveal of “Magical and Mischievous.” I have so enjoyed sharing with all of you the beautiful, one of a kind, and oh so magical pieces in this collection. You can purchase your kit today - just click here! - and kits will start shipping out next week. Don’t miss out, because this collection is super duper adorable, and definitely perfect for all your magical needs this Halloween season.