"Tiki, I Love You!" Full Reveal!!!

Hello there, everyone!  It's Andrea here, today, and I am so excited to share with you today our newest collection, "Tiki, I Love You!"  I absolutely love this new fun and vibrant summer collection/kit that we have created for you. It is the perfect kit to use to plan, document, or craft for all your summertime adventures!  Read on to learn all about this awesome collection, or click here to purchase your kit right now!

"Tiki, I Love You" is so cool for so many reasons. The fabulous vintage-retro look of this kit is so cute! And the kit is filled with awesome summertime symbols like whimsical mermaids, pretty pink flamingos, swaying palm trees, tropical fruits and flowers, and scenic beach scenes! All of it reminds me of the perfect summer day and makes me want to go on a fun summer vacation! And I should probably mention that while I was creating this collection I was very much inspired by Tiki and Tropical imagery which can be found at different Disney locations, such as Disney's Adventureland and The Enchanted Tiki Room and also the Submarine Voyage ride (when it used to have mermaids), plus Castaway Cay, Trader Sams, and the Polynesian resort in Disneyworld! They are all so retro Tiki fabulous and they all scream Tropical adventure!

The color palette for this collection is also evocative of summertime with its pretty sea blues and greens, the vibrant, sunshiny yellows, and all the really gorgeous, bold and bright pinks! 

And I am loving all the super cool embellishments that are in this collection! For example, there is a beautiful ephemera pack, some fabulous flair buttons, a great sticker sheet, and some very useful and versatile word die-cuts.

Alright, now that we have done a quick and basic overview of "Tiki, I love you", let's get into some more detail. First, let's look at the patterned paper in the collection. The patterned papers in the collection are so beautiful! They all have that fun Tiki look and feel which was so very popular in the 50's and 60's and which you can still find today in places like Beachside restaurants, Tiki bars, fun Lua parties, and of course, Adventureland and the Enchanted Tiki Room in Disneyland!

One of my favorite patterned papers in the collection is "Mermaids Have More Fun," with all the beautiful, pink-haired mermaids on it! See how the mermaid in the pattern sits on a large bubble and other little bubbles float around her? For this reason, I have decided to refer to our mermaid friend as "Bubbles"...isn't she so pretty and sweet and magical?! She is inspired by the mermaids who used to inhabit the sweet Mermaid Lagoon in the middle of the Submarine Voyage ride at Disneyland. They only had the mermaids there for a couple of years in the 60's...but they were so happy and fun, and I do so wish they would bring them back again! As for the back of the paper...that is so great and versatile too with the lovely and modern blue chevron. It reminds me of the ocean, but can really be used for anything!


This patterned paper, entitled "The Pink of Perfection," has lots of pretty pink on both sides! On one side you find a cool and versatile pink geometric which is simple but beautiful, and on the other you find lots of glamorous pink flamingos! Each girly flamingo in the pattern has a cute little crown on her head...because she is "the pink of perfection" and should therefore be treated accordingly, as the princess she is! Lol!

The geometric pattern on the front of the "Tiki, I Love You" patterned paper is so retro-chic and definitely fits in with the Tiki theme of the collection! But this page is really named "Tiki, I Love You" because of the cute Parrots on the back of the page...why, you ask? Well, because I named that cute little parrot that you can find throughout the collection, Tiki! And Tiki is of course inspired by the amazing parrots that you can find in the Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland, a fave attraction of mine and a classic which has been in the park since the 60's!

I absolutely love the paper called "By The Beautiful Sea!" It has an amazing ocean view on the front that just makes me long to go to the beach immediately! And on the back of the paper is a really awesome pink Tiki pattern that has little Hawaiian symbols on it...like a pineapple and a volcano!

"In Summer" is a really fantastic patterned paper from the collection! On the front is a bright and sunshiny yellow pattern that feels rather festive. And on the back is a super dreamy blue and green geometric which has this really cool waterfall kind of effect which I love!

This lovely palm tree patterned paper is way cute! I find the pattern super relaxing. It is called "Castaway Key" and you probably already guessed why! The paper is named for that famous Disney destination in the Caribbean! I would love to go there one day! On the other side of the paper is a great green-toned geometric pattern which has a great vintage Tiki look to it...but is such a cute and simple geometric, that it can be used for really anything.

Another favorite paper of mine is the really beautiful multi-colored seashell pattern called "Aloha!" It is filled with gorgeous and intricate seashells that come in various shades of pinks and blues and greens. They look like the scales on a mermaid's tail, actually, and they are so very lovely! I imagine them shimmering in the sunlight, and that is why they create that multi-colored, prismatic effect. The paper is called Aloha because of the Aloha script that is written across the backside of the paper.

"Tropical Adventure" is one of two cut-apart sheets that are in the collection, and it may be my favorite of the two! On the front is a ton of great little pieces that you can cut out and use, like adorable little tags with things like a beautiful mermaid and the word "adventure" on them, 2x2 cards with tropical images on each one like a cocktail, a banana, and a palm tree, and super useful little labels which you can use to write on. On the back of the paper is a beautiful monotone blue pattern which has a kind of fish-scale look to it.

The other cut-apart sheet, which is called "On the Go," has some really awesome 3x4 and 4x6 cards on it! I especially love the mermaid ones -- like the one which says "I want to go where the mermaids are." I also enjoy the card with the suitcases that says "on the go" and the one that says "let's go on an adventure!" On the back of the paper is a pretty and way cool multi-pink geometric pattern which is very retro and Tiki looking...it's fabulous!


Alright, now that we have looked at all the beautiful patterned papers that are in the collection, let's take a look at the ephemera pack. I absolutely always super duper love the ephemera packs that are in our kits! We always make sure to fill them up as much as we possibly can with lots and lots of special goodies! In the case of this ephemera pack, we have filled the pack to the brim with the cutest little die-cuts which have amazing images on them like mermaids, sunglasses, ice-creams, and butterflies! One of my favorite things in the ephemera pack are the incredibly cute little polaroids that have either beautiful scenic beach photos in them or very adorable drawings of parrots or mermaids on them! I'm also super excited for the little vintage travel/luggage tags in the pack that have cute things written on them like "MER" for mermaid, etc!

Let's take a look at the "words" die-cut pack in the kit. I love doing packs like this because they are super useful! There is just so much that you can do with these words. I created them in black and white so that they would be uber versatile. And the words included in the pack say things like "beach," "summer," "vacation," and "mermaid," which all go with the Tiki and tropical theme of the collection...but there are also words like "happy,"  "create,"  "imagination,"  "love," and "everyday," which are so versatile and great to use for lots of different themes!

Okay, now I want to share with you the flair buttons that come in "Tiki, I Love You!" Our flair buttons are always so awesome and fun to use. In particular, I love using them to create cute decorative paperclips! On the flair buttons we have some words like "happy" and "sun," but also simple images like sunglasses, starfish, and a seashell, and also a really gorgeous close-up of our collection's pink haired mermaid, "Bubbles!"

Tiki, I Love You - Flair with packaging square.jpg

And now, let's check out the sticker sheet that is in the kit.  This is a really great sticker sheet! I love the sticker that says "mermaids have more fun" with the little mermaid silhouette on it and the little label one that says "hello sunshine." The little half and half hearts are so cool and the little ice creams are adorable! The square stickers are faves too, especially the blonde mermaid that says "hi" and the little, yellow one that says "Tiki, I love you."

Okay, now that we have gone over all of the embellishments in the collection, let's go over the planner pages that are in "Tiki, I Love You!" All of them are super cute and perfect for your planner, your mini-album, or even to use to hang on your wall!

One of the really great planner pages in the collection is this cool key with vintage hotel key-chain! I love this image (which you can find throughout the collection, like in the ephemera pack and on the cut-apart sheet)! I enjoy vintage hotel key-chains like this which are totally old school! This one is so special as it unlocks room "109" at the "hotel fairytale!"


The "Beach Going...this way" planner page has an incredible image of the beach behind it! The water is so bright blue and the sand looks so soft... I just want to go to that beach right now and take a dip in that water!

"Mermaids have more fun" is one of my favorite planner pages! I love that quote, and it looks so pretty on pink with the little seashell and the starfish in the corners.

The palm tree planner page that says "hello lovely day" on it is way cute with the sweet mint palm leaves and the pretty pink trunk! The polka dots in the background make it even cuter!

My "have crown, will travel" flamingo planner page is one of my faves! She is so royal and special, my pink flamingo!

The next planner page is possibly my absolute favorite!!! It has my super adorable and beautiful pink-haired mermaid "Bubbles" on it! She is floating, sitting on a big bubble, with little bubbles floating around her...a crown on her head, and pearls on her shoulders and wrists. She is so glam! And she reminds me of the sweet and sassy mermaid girls from the early 60's who sat and lounged and swam in their own special Mermaid Lagoon as part of the Submarine Voyage ride at Disneyland.

Another one of my favorite planner pages is the "Tiki, I love you" one with the parrot on it named "Tiki!" She is a super cute parrot in pink and aqua, and she is clearly having fun hanging out on her little swing. This planner page is very much inspired by "The Enchanted Tiki Room," and every time I look at it I just want to go back there again and see the birds on their perches lower down from the ceiling and start singing!

This planner page, which says "let's go on an adventure," has a cool beach scene pictured on it. I love this image, which has some folding chairs and umbrellas on it as well as beach-goers in the background...the sky is so blue and happy and you just want to go on that adventure on the beach!

"Adventure can happen at any time and in any place, it is your own heart and imagination which creates wonder and possibility" -- this is another fave planner page of mine. I love the blue on blue look of this, but the quote is definitely the best part!

The quote planner page which says "you are, by far, the greatest adventure of them all" is fantastic! And I made it because I wanted to remind myself and others that the greatest adventures in our lives are people, the people we love, and not places that we go to...no matter how pretty they may be.

The butterfly planner page that says "hello" is so beautiful! It is another favorite! I love the wings on the butterfly...the design on the wings and the blue and pink colors too!

And the last planner page is another big favorite of mine! It has a ledger in the background and has words like "sun" and "fun," "love," "summer," and "relax" on it...as well as great tropical images like a cute pineapple that says "happy on it" and a lovely watermelon that says "yum"!

And, finally, there is the vellum page that comes in the collection called, "Welcome to Tiki-land." I love this vellum sheet! It has tropical flowers all over it and is so beautiful!

Tiki, I Love You - Full Color Vellum square.jpg

Alright, so I hope that you have enjoyed this look at our newest kit/collection, "Tiki, I Love You!" I enjoyed sharing it with you! The kit is available for purchase now so get yours today! :-)

Xoxo -- Andrea