Michelle's Halloween Traveler's Notebook

Happy Halloween, crafty friends! Michelle here, back with a project featuring the latest collection from The Fairytale Club, Magical and Mischievous! To be totally honest, Halloween is not my favorite holiday. And I would even say it’s not even in my top three. However, because this kit of goodies contains pastels and super cute designs, I’m actually really excited to do some festive crafting this year!


I love how everything in this kit is so cohesive! It all fits together so perfectly, and I knew I could make an adorable set up in my traveler’s notebook with these fun paper bits! I love really filling up the pockets of my TNs with cute pieces, so I started there.

I love how perfectly the cute haunted house card fit right in that front pocket! From there, I grabbed some of the die cuts from the pack and layered them with other elements to create a fun pocket set up!

As for the opening dashboard, I just knew that it had to be this quote card about the magic of Halloween! When I opened the kit and looked at all the pieces, this really stood out to me. It really captures the fun and childlike wonder that Halloween is all about!

And I don’t know about you guys, but October seems to kick off the busiest times of the year, which means that my planner and favorite planner accessories are always on the go with me. That’s also why I love this dashboard from The Fairytale Club that has the month of October on it! It’s the perfect size to go in my TN and will totally help keep me organized this month.

Also, being so busy, you never know when you might find a minute to add something pretty to a page, or do some journaling on the go! Because of this, I wanted to add a bunch of extra pockets so I could take these magical bits and pieces with me! So to do this, I made a pocket dashboard! I simply took one of the adorable 12x12 sheets, trimmed a bit off the top, and tri-folded it so that it would fit around the insert, and then fold out, where I added the pockets!

I love how this kit came together to make such a cute set up in my TN! It has all the Halloween classics like witches, bats, and pumpkins, but all of it has the cutest flair to it! This all has me feeling so festive and I can’t wait for Halloween! Happy crafting,