Making a Tag Album with Kellie

Hi there everyone, Kellie here.  I'm back again to share a little creation I made using the new "Hello Beautiful!" Kit.

2018-05-12 16.19.55

A little tag album!   Have you tried one of these?  They are so fun to make.  This is only my second time making a tag album and won't be my last.  Not only that, I also got to use a bunch of older instax photos I'd been hoarding for years of my three girls.  Almost all were taken with my instax camera before I got the instax printer that, may I add, I absolutely LOVE to bits.

2018-05-12 16.21.14

Where do you start when making a tag album, you might ask?  for me it was all about the photos first. I start by grabbing a bunch of photos.  After I know I have enough photos, I sit with the kit and photos and work out what suits what and which matches and get the idea on how I want to go about it.  Then the fun part really starts - cutting up the pattern papers to make the tags!

2018-05-12 16.21.47

I work section by section or tag by tag.  I like to have everything laid out in front of me on my desk - all the ephemera, die-cuts, stickers and flair.   I really do make quite the mess, but having everything laid out helps to see what I have, making it easier to move things around until I'm happy with the result.  The "Hello Beautiful!" kit all works together so beautifully, I loved working with it to make this album.

2018-05-12 15.59.48

This mini tag album came together so well and the kit is absolutely beautiful, which made working with it super easy.