Fairytale Christmas Workshop Review

Hello everyone! It's me, Andrea, here today, and I want to share with you all a quick little review of our Fairytale Christmas Workshop that we had in December. It was so wonderful and magical and just filled with so much fun and creativity! I had such a wonderful time and I was so pleased to hear from the ladies that attended the workshop that they really, really enjoyed themselves as well!

So for those of you who don't know, whenever we can, we try, here at the Fairytale Club, to host fun events and classes for our awesome Fairytale Club Customers. We have done events at Disneyland in the past and we have done springtime events and Halloween events...but this time we thought we would try to do things a little bit differently and we decided to host a Christmas Workshop in Diamond Bar, CA and have a couple of classes with a couple of really awesome papercrafting projects for our guests to work on while they enjoyed a Fairytale themed Christmas party with yummy food, lots of prizes, a photobooth, and of course, an awesome Disney Christmas kit that was made especially for the event!


The kit that I designed for this event, as a specialty kit/collection, is called "Christmas-land" and is all about Disneyland at Christmastime! It is so beautiful and filled with so many fun Disney-Christmas goodies like cute pics of Mickey and Minnie under the mistletoe, a Holiday version of Small World, and Santa with a Mickey Mouse hat on!

Each person at the Christmas Workshop received this very special kit with all the pretty 12x12 patterned papers and 6x8 decorative pages, and the cute embellishments like the ephemera pack and the variety pack and decorative paperclips! In addition to all those goodies, they also each received some chipboard covers and binder rings to build their Disney Christmas mini-album with (the first class project we worked on during the Workshop), and a white chipboard memorydex box (which was for the second class project).


We all had the greatest time in both of the super fun Christmas classes that I and Carolee taught for the Workshop! We worked on my Mini-Album class first and then we moved on to Carolee's Memorydex class. In our classes we showed the ladies some fun and different ways to document the Holiday season! And we gave them some great tips and tricks to creating and decorating their mini-albums and memorydex boxes for Christmastime!

During the Workshop, while we crafted, we chatted and we ate and played Disney trivia and gave away prizes! It was such a fantastic time! Everyone walked away with at least one prize, if not more (and there were so many cool prizes -- disney prizes, scrapbook prizes, planner prizes, decorative prizes). And the Disney trivia game that we played to give the prizes out was so much fun and so funny -- some girls thought the questions were hard, other Disney experts in the group thought it was easy, but everyone got the answers right (with a little help here and there sometimes from friends :-) ) and everyone laughed and had a great time and everyone was a winner! Which is the best kind of game -- one where everyone wins!

Oh, and I have to talk to you about the photobooth!


Our photobooth that we set up for the event was absolutely fantastic! It was our Fairytale Club Lemonade stand and we filled it with lots of pretty Christmas decorations! And we also had some really adorable decorative enlargements of some of our Disney Christmas pieces from our "Christmas-land" kit (like the Snow-Mouse and the Gingerbread-Mouse)!

The decor for the booth, and really the whole party, was vintage and Disney and Christmas themed and it was all so beautiful! There were trees and wreaths and garlands everywhere and cute little touches like little vintage reindeer and vintage Mickey Mouses here and there! It was all very, very cute and oh so magical!!! It was truly a Fairytale Christmas workshop!!!


Alright, well I hope you have enjoyed this fun review of our Fairytale Christmas Workshop that we had in December. It was such a fun event with such cool classes and projects and such a lovely group of people that attended too! It was just wonderful!

Thank you to everyone who came to our Workshop and tomorrow we will be sharing some more up-close pictures of the magical Disney Christmas projects that we worked on in the classes so stay tuned for that too! And stay tuned for more of our Fairytale Club Christmas wrap up this week!

Huuuugs everyone!

Andrea Bethke


The Fairytale Club

The Fairytale Club presents... "Fairytale Christmas Workshop" with Andrea and Carolee




Hello there everyone! Today I want to share with you an exciting announcement! Are you ready?! Ok...I have a new class coming out for Christmas-time! And that is not all! In fact, it is a special Fairytale Christmas Workshop with not just one, but two classes, with a couple super fun and creative projects and lots of cool new tips, tricks, and techniques, taught by myself AND my dear friend, Carolee Flatley (Design Team Leader for The Fairytale Club and owner of One Crafty Potato)! Yaaaaaay! I'm so excited!

The workshop will take place in person, on Friday, December 21st, in Diamond Bar, California. There are two classes and 6 and a half hours of crafty/scrappy/planny/paper-loving fun, and there will be lots of beautiful and magical Christmas decorations, one of our amazing Fairytale Photo-booth set-ups, an awesome professional photographer who will be taking lots of cool pics of all attendees during the event (while you craft, at the photo booth, etc) which you will get and be able to print from an online gallery, yummy food and drinks, lots of cool prizes (everyone gets at least one), and, of course, an amazingly beautiful and super special kit that is made just for the event (sneak peek of the kit to be revealed later this week, but here is a clue...it's Christmas and it's Disney)!!! And pre-order for our super special Fairytale Christmas Workshop starts today, so that those of you who sign up now, for a limited time, can get the great early-bird special sale deal of 25% off!!!

So here is a run-down of all the details (including price, place, time, etc):

WHEN: Friday, December 21, 2018 - 2:30 pm - 9 pm

WHERE: 2029 Shaded Wood Rd., Walnut, CA 91789

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL PRICE: $75 (Price returns to normal $100 after this pre-order special)

Here's what we've got planned for everyone in attendance:

  • Two classes and 6 and a half hours of crafty/scrappy/planny/paper-loving fun

  • A crafty party with lots of beautiful and magical Christmas decorations

  • One of our amazing Fairytale Photo-booth set-ups and an awesome professional photographer who will be taking lots of cool pics of all attendees during the event (while you craft, at the photo booth, etc) which you will get and be able to print from an online gallery

  • Yummy food and drinks

  • Prizes!... such as adorable "fairytale ears" (decorative floral Minnie ears), scrapbook goodies, planner goodies and other cool Disney themed items. Everyone gets at least one prize...some people go home with several!

  • An amazingly beautiful and super special kit that is made just for the event (sneak peek below)!!!

Sign up now, don't delay! There are limited spots available! Celebrate the Holidays with The Fairytale Club Crew -- me and Carolee...and my hubby and partner in crime, Ryan, too -- as we create a special Christmas Crafting day just for you! It will be a Winter Wonderland of creativity filled with lots of magic, imagination, and fairytale fun!!! I'm so excited!!! I can't wait to see you there!!! Happy Holidays everyone!!!

01-December Planner 2017.jpg

Below are some pictures of a mini-album similar to the one we’ll be working on in this class, featuring some of the techniques you’ll be learning. A different Disney collection, exclusive to The Fairytale Club, will be used.

48-December Planner 2017.jpg

If this sounds fun to you, get your ticket now, on sale for a limited time!  There is limited availability, so if you want to make sure you have a spot, act now! Hope to see you at our event for a truly magical time!!!

--Andrea Bethke, Founder/Owner of The Fairytale Club


"The Wonderful World of Disney" Special Event Review

Hello there everyone! It is Andrea here today and I would like to talk to you all about something very special that I have been meaning to talk to you about for a while now...and that is -- "The Wonderful World of Disney" special event at Disneyland! The Fairytale Club occasionally has special events at Disneyland, and this was the last one that we had, back at the beginning of June. And it was so amazing and magical and wonderful!!!

Wonderful World - Flyer.jpg

Now, if you know anything about our events, then you know that what they are are basically big excuses to papercraft in the park and have a fun-filled, beautifully themed party with fellow crafty girls who love Disney! And so that is basically what we did. We all met up in Downtown Disney at Tortilla Jo's restaurant and once there, we all celebrated our love of Disney and planning/scrapbooking together with a really cool "Wonderful World of Disney" luncheon party. 

The theme was all about vintage Disney. Back in the 1950's, while Walt Disney was gearing up to open up his new theme park, called "Disneyland," he created a show called "The Wonderful World of Disney," and with it, Disney presented ideas and plans and sneak peeks for what he was going to be doing in the park! So cool, huh?!!! He was trying to hype up the new theme park and it totally worked! People got very excited! And so, that was really what I wanted the theme for this event, and subsequently the special collection/kit that we created for the event, to be all about -- the magical ideas that Walt Disney had for Disneyland back in the late 50's and early 60's, when the park was just beginning and the "Happiest Place on Earth" and it's dreamy ideology was just being formed into the place that we know and love today! 


To this end, there is a ton of vintage goodness that was put both into the event itself and into the kit that we created for it! One good example of this is our "Small World" image that we featured both in the event and in the kit! For the event, we had a special photo-booth set up that we did...and we always do something special like this for our events...a specially made and large prop that our guests can take pics with while they are at our party. For "Mad Tea Party", we did a "this way, that way" Wonderland sign, for "Spooky" we did a replica of the Haunted Mansion grandfather clock, and for this, our "Wonderful World of Disney" party, we did an absolutely magical version of the front facade of the Small World ride!  This image could also be found on the front of the kit tote bags that each of our guests received, and of course, also within the kit, on one of the planner pages, and in the ephemera pack and cut-apart sheet, etc. I have to say that everyone seemed to love this image (both in the kit and in real life)! The girls at the party all took pics in front of our "Small World" and it was waaaaay cute! 


In addition to the pics that our pro photographer took of everyone in front of our photo-booth Small World set up, we also took pics throughout the party of all of us having fun and papercrafting! And if you are wondering what we worked on for our class project, let me talk a little bit about that! So what we worked on were special memory planners which serve as both a planner and a scrapbook for the Disney adventure that we were having! It is a very fun keepsake to put the memories from that day in (and any other Disney adventure day that you want to place in there from this summer or this year as well). 

We ate lunch first - yummy enchiladas, salad, guacamole and chips, and brownies for desert - all at our beautiful, long table which was set up and decorated to look like a pretty vintage Disney tea-party, with vintage elements like good ole' Mickey Mouse and Peter Pan on the table...and then we started making pretty stuff with our kits! 


While we crafted, we chatted, introduced ourselves to each other, talked about Disney and Disneyland and all the things we loved about it! And as we cut and pasted things into our new Disney memory planner album, we also gave away some fun prizes! Everyone got at least one prize and there were all kinds of things that were given away, including some cute planner and scrapbooking things and also some really adorable Minnie Mouse Fairytale Ears!


At the end of the party in Downtown Disney, we took more pics, including one big group pic of all of us with our memory planners! I think it came out waaaaay cute! And then people started leaving (and I gave out a few more prizes to the last of the stragglers out the door), and the best part was...that we weren't done yet! Nooooo, the day was by no means over because we also had our special "After Party" in the park!!! Now, not everyone comes to the after party walk around the park, but a lot do, and whether or not you do, you are of course in for a really wonderful time. However, I always recommend coming with us into the park because it is soooo much fun!

In the park, we took our guests through a Fairytale Club kind of tour which was of course vintage Disney themed too, just like everything in our "Wonderful World of Disney" event! We took everyone down Mainstreet U.S.A, down through the castle and into Fantasyland! In Fantasyland, we went on vintage rides that have been there since the park began, back in the 50's and 60's...rides which were reflected in the specialty kit that we created for the event! These rides included Dumbo and Small World of course...plus we also all got in a big tea-cup in front of the tea-cups ride and we also went on the carousel, Snow White, and Storybookland! So much fun!!!

We took pics all along the way and had fun doing other quintessential and magical Disney things like getting churros, making a wish in Snow White's wishing well, getting some fairy dust sprinkled on us from a fairy godmother, etc! Oh, and we, of course, took pics in front of the beautiful castle!!! And we showed our guests ways to pose, where the best places to take pics are, and also where they could find some fun, free or cheap ephemera to add to their memory planner/scrapbook, along with their pics (which everyone got in an online gallery, included in their event ticket), to really make their memories from their Disney adventure come alive!


It was really such a great and beautiful day at the park! I loved doing this event as I always love doing these special Fairytale Club events at Disneyland! I do have to say that because of my poor health, this may have been my last event like this at the park....but who knows, maybe in the future, if my health gets a lot better, we can go back to doing them again because they really are so wonderful and magical! Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed this review of the event and I hope you all have a wonderful day! To those who were there at the event, thank you so much for sharing in that magical experience with me and for your support! Huuugs to everyone!!!

Spooky Event Review! : A Magical Papercrafting Party at Disneyland

Hello everyone! Andrea here! Today we are going to talk about our "Spooky" Disney Papercrafting event that we had on October, Friday the 13th. Our first event, The Mad Tea Party at Disneyland, went so well, that people asked us for more! I knew I wanted to do one for Halloween-time and I am so happy that we got to do this one on Friday the 13th...one of the spookiest days of the year...and on a day that Disney was having a Mickey's Halloween Party! I was so looking forward to this event and I wished so hard for it to be really magical and fun and my wishes and hopes certainly came true because the event turned out so super duper amazing! We all had so much fun at the event...and at the after-party in the parks too! 


We started the day in Downtown Disney at Catal Restaurant, on the balcony, for a beautiful and spooktacular "Haunted Mansion" themed lunch and papercrafting party! 


At our "Spooky" Event, we worked on a special "Spooky" project that was a planner/album to plan and document both this Disney Halloween event as well as the entire Halloween season and the various Halloween things we do this month of October!


The party was a Halloween party, so most of us dressed up in some kind of costume or halloween-type outfit...including me...I was Madame Leota, the fortune teller, and resident head-ghoul of the Haunted Mansion. And my husband, Ryan, dressed up as the Hat Box ghost to match!


Everything was decorated really spooky cute! We had a long table that was set up perfect for both seances and playing with pretty paper! There were candles and candelabras, a crystal ball, lots of cool and creepy photographs of ghosts and ghouls, a coffin filled with pretty vintage Halloween buttons and stickers and things, and more, set up all over the table. Each seat got a cool black cat tote bag filled with a planner album and an exclusive Fairytale Club kit called "Spooky" that was filled with lots of Haunted Mansion and Disney Halloween themed goodies to help us document this occassion and our Halloween-time in general. It is an "add on kit" to the main "This is Halloween Kit" that we have out right now, and it matches with it beautifully. In fact, several of the party-goers purchased a "This is Halloween" Kit while they were there too!


The planner albums came in a metallic gold or a metallic purple and after lunch we took them out as well as our kits and we started playing ...punching holes in the planner dividers/pages and filling up the pockets, etc. 


Talking about lunch, we had a fabulous three course meal, plus appetizers! I think the braised ribs and the raspberry sorbet was my favorite! But of course, we ate quickly and/or multi-tasked so we could play with our pretty kit as much as possible! None of us finished our project...but that is all good because of course, everyone who came to the event gets the online class as well which will be starting tomorrow and have tons of videos with awesome tips and tricks and techniques to document this special Disney Halloween event and all of the month of October and the Halloween season in a special album! Yaaaaay!


And before, during, and after we ate, I intermittently gave out prizes. We had planner prizes, like a Studio Calico kit, scrappy prizes like washi tape, gift certificate prizes for places like the Cut-shoppe and also The Fairytale Club of course, and awesome Disney Halloween prizes like Fairytale Ears with flowers, witches hats, and jack-o-lanterns on them! 


During our Spooky Party, we each took turns (individually and in pairs and groups) taking pics in the photobooth set-up/area where we had this really spooktacular Haunted Mansion clock set up along with balloons and props you could use to take the pic with! The clock is just like the creepy grandfather clock on the Haunted Mansion ride and just like that clock, it counts to 13...just like the date of our party!


After our main event ended, some of us continued on to the "after-party" in the parks! We went first to Disney's California Adventure, which for the first time is decorated this year for Halloween! It is gorgeous in there and we had such fun! We met at the Sleepy Hollow,Headless Horseman statue and took a group pic.


We ran into some characters along our way...like Minnie, who was herself a magical fortune teller, like me!


We had a great time in the newly decorated Cars-land which was filled with "Haul-o-ween" and "Trunk-or Treat" goodness!


After our trip to DCA, we went into Disneyland for the "Mickey's Halloween Party"! If you have ever gone to the Halloween Party there, you know how really amazing it is! The parade is cool and the trick-or-treating around the park and all the villains everywhere that you can take pics with, and the fireworks! Oh I had the best time watching the fireworks! They were even more spooktacular this year than they have been in years before! 


Everything was really magical! We had a great time posing for pics and going on rides like Star Tours and the Haunted Mansion and just hanging out and having fun! It was an amazing time at the parks...and that is on top of the amazing time in Downtown Disney papercrafting too! Overall, the day was one we will all remember and cherish! I know I will!


And don't take my word for it...here are a few words from Carolee Flatley, she is a DT member who attended the event and I think she sums things up nicely! :

"Andrea did not disappoint! Fun decorations, including a handmade clock prop in the photobooth almost as tall as I was, yummy food, an adorable kit and lots of fun at our after-party was enjoyed by one and all. As with the last one, the best part of the event was the lovely ladies who joined us for some crafting. It was so nice to see faces from past events along with some new ones. Being in a niche of a niche hobby can get a bit lonely at times, so it’s always nice to be in the company of people who understand your obsessions!"


Oh, and If you couldn’t make it to the the event, no worries, you can still join in on the "Spooky" fun! The special "Spooky" kit will be available to the general public for sale starting tomorrow, as well the online class!


Okay everyone! I hope you are having a really incredible Halloween season and I will see you all later!

xoxo -- Madame Leota...I mean, Andrea :-)