Aimee's "Christmas-land" Mini Tag Album

Hey Fairytale Club Fans, this week our Design Team Members will be sharing some of their favorite projects they created this season using our 2 Christmas Kits “December Dreams” & “Christmas-land”!

First off we have Aimee with a Mini Tag Album using “Christmas-land”.

Hi there, Aimee here!

Have you all seen the Christmas-land kit? You know the one Andrea and Carolee did a workshop with.

Well it’s even better in person. Like way better! It’s so awesome, I made my husband take me to Disneyland on Christmas Day, just to take pictures so I could use the christmas-land kit and make this Album TRUE STORY!

And this mini tag album came out WAY better than I could have ever dreamed! For this album I used 2 of the 12x12 papers from the kit “Christmas at the Park” and “All I want for Christmas is a castle!” and some bookmark tags from my stash.

I printed all the photos I wanted to use with my Instax share printer. I cut up the 12x12 papers into the 3x4 journaling cards. I also used a few of the tags too.

I then placed the 3x4 cards with the bookmark tags and photos. Once I was happy with which tag went with what photo and what card, choose die cuts from the die cut pack that went with each pile of cards. When everything was placed, I adhered the photos to the bookmark tags. You can find a video of this on my YOU TUBE Channel.

I then stamped each photo with a different sentiment form a roller stamp. I also embellished each card/tag with puffy stickers and stickles to give them some added depth. Once I was happy with all of the embellishments, I punched a hole in the top of each card/tag.

I choose the “all I want for Christmas…” Journaling card as my cover for this album.

I attached a decorative pom pom paper clip to the top. I then placed all the cards on to a large binder ring and this created the album.

To create the bell dangle, I used a tassel from my stash along with some jump rings. I added 1 or 2 bells from the Christmas-land Variety pack to each jump ring and continued until I had used all the bells. I just love this addition to my album.


I also made some shaker tags (with my fuse tool and all the goodies from the Christmas-land Variety pack). OMG I love these. I think by far this was the best addition to my mini. This was the first time making this type of tag, and I think it turned out so AWESOME. I just traced the bookmark tag with a sharpie, I then ran my fuse tool (against a ruler to keep my lines straight) on the inside of the sharpie, I fused 4 sides before adding all the goodies, and then sealed the tag from the top. To make the hole (so it would be closed and the glitter wouldn’t come out) I burned a hole through the sleeve with a rounded tip.

Do you enjoy making Mini Albums?

XOXO Aimee

Fairytale Christmas Workshop Special Event Kit, "Christmas-land," Full Reveal!!!

Hello there everyone! It’s Andrea here, and today I want to share with you the full reveal of our beautiful new specialty kit “Christmas-land,” which we have made special for our Fairytale Christmas Workshop to be held this Friday, the 21st (tickets still available)! It is such an amazing kit and just filled with the cutest, vintage-retro, Disney Christmas designs! I don’t know about you, but I love Disney, especially Disney at Christmas-time!!! There is so much Christmas-y goodness in this collection, and I can’t wait to show it all to you!

First, let’s talk about what the kit was inspired by and what it is all about. Whenever we have a special event, we do a special kit that is specifically made and themed for the event and the projects that goes with that event/class. In the past we have held our events at Disneyland, and, focusing on a particular Disney theme, they are always filled with Disney magic! For example, the theme for our most recent event was “The Wonderful World of Disney,” which was about vintage Disney and the opening of Disneyland in 1955. While this event isn’t happening at Disneyland, it is all about Disney at Christmas-time, and is therefore chock-full of that Disney magic! You’ll find loads of Christmas imagery but with a Disney spin, like our Mickey ears-wearing Santa, the Mickey ears wreath, our gingerbread mouse, and our festive Small World facade, just to name a few! For more examples, just below you can see a quick overview of the awesome embellishments in the kit (we’ll take a closer look later on)!

But first, let's take a look at all of the beautiful patterned papers in the kit. As you can see, the color scheme for this collection is composed of traditional Christmas reds and greens, combined with lovely pinks and blues, which reflects the colors you’ll actually see in the parks this time of year. This color scheme helps evoke the vintage-retro feeling I always get when I think about Disney, especially at Christmas-time.

This vintage-retro vibe especially comes through in the types of patterns in the collection, not just the colors. I love how the patterns came out in this collection. They are super duper cute! And oh so vintage Disney! Let’s talk about my favorites (it’s all of them). To start us off, we have the paper below, appropriately called, “Christmas-land." If you look closely on the front side, you’ll see the tops of the towers of the castle are covered in snow! I love that little detail! And on the back is an awesomely retro, geometric, tear-drop kind of pattern.

The next paper, cheekily titled “Do Ya Wanna Build a Snowmouse?”, is also one of my favorites (as I said earlier). Our little snowmouse on the front is so cute, don’t you think? And on the back is a Christmas stripe, perfect to use as a background for any of your Christmas projects.

The next paper, called “Holly Jolly,” features rows of cute, snow-covered houses, which, I have to say, look extremely cozy and inviting on the inside. And on the back is a familiar, festive script with a Disney twist, reading “have a holly jolly Disney.” I just love it!

This next paper really is one of my favorite favorites! It’s aptly titled “Gingerbread Mouse,” and it features the absolutely cutest gingerbread creation you’ll ever see, flanked, of course, by delicious candy canes. And on the back is a simple black bow pattern, with a lovely soft blue background.

The next paper, called “Christmas Mouse Club,” is obviously another one of my top picks, and you know this is true because we brought back a pattern from our last Disney collection and gave it a Christmas colors update. I love how the whole thing pops now! And on the back is a really neat, retro, circle pattern.

We’ve had a bit of fun with the name for the next paper: “Under the Mouseletoe.” ;-) Our retro Minnie and Mickey are poised and ready to smooch under that famous little plant. And on the back we have a clean and simple mistletoe and Christmas bells pattern, very much like the kind of cute wrapping paper you’d find back in the day.

“Holiday Cheer” is the name of our next paper, and it features a cute, Mickey head ornament on the front. The back though, has to be one of my absolute favorite patterns from this collection. Those two, cute reindeer in pink and blue are obviously smitten with each other (you can tell by the heart hovering between them).

To wrap up our review of the papers in this collection, let’s take a look at the cut-aparts. There is the first one, called “Christmas at the Park,” and the second one, called “All I Want for Christmas is a Castle!” They are filled with fabulous vintage Christmas images like my cute, ginger, Mouseketeer girl, the Christmas tree with the mickey head ornaments, the Sleeping Beauty castle with the snow-covered towers, the Disney Christmas stocking, Small World for Christmas, and vintage-retro Mickey and Minnie of course! And they each have some really pretty vintage-retro patterns on the back of them as well!

Alright, now that we have looked at the pretty patterned papers in the collection, let’s take a look at the embellishments in “Christmas-land,” as promised earlier. This collection has a few really cute embellishments in it. one of which is the ephemera pack. It has some really amazing bits and pieces in it, like my cute little Mickey ears hats, Disney Christmas stockings, and cool script words like “santa” and “Merry Christmas.” And that’s just to name a few!

These decorative pom-pom paperclips are an embellishment we’ve started including in the past few kits. This pack is slightly different, though (I think for the better!), in that these pom poms are 1” instead of 1.5”, and you get six instead of four. They are great to use as a statement piece on your project or layout and absolutely perfect for planners, mini albums, and December daily’s to highlight or mark your spot on specific pages. I love how the pom pom colors work perfectly with the rest of the collection, and the gold paperclips are a very elegant finishing touch.

Here we have our final embellishment pack for this collection! It’s another one we started including in our kits very recently. The response was very positive, so we decided to do it again, especially since this kind of variety pack works well for the workshop this collection was designed for. But honestly, the bits and pieces you’re getting in this pack will work really well in any Christmas project you happen to be working on. You get six buttons, three glitter star stickers, ten bells in various sizes, and a very healthy amount of awesome Christmas sequins. Not to mention the library card and holder back there! I really love how this variety pack turned out!

And finally, let’s return to paper and talk about the gorgeous planner divider pages that come in “Christmas-land!” In addition to featuring many of the amazing graphics we’ve talked about already, there are three pages with one side dedicated to taking notes/making lists for Christmas and one page with a side containing a cute, December calendar!

Let’s take a look at each planner divider individually. We begin with one of my favorites, my cute snowmouse! He looks so dapper in that red and blue scarf! And I love the expression at the top, “It’s a marshmallow world in the winter!” And on the back is a lined page perfect for writing down your favorite memories from this holiday season.


On this next planner page, we return to the Small World facade design originally feature in “The Wonderful World of Disney” collection, only it’s been given a “paint job,” if you will, for the Christmas season! And there’s another lined page on the back for writing down your holiday traditions. Perfect!

To finish up the series of lined note-taking dividers, we have this one meant to write down all your favorite things about this time of year. And on the front is that super-cute design of vintage Minnie and Mickey about to kiss under the mouseletoe, wishing you a “Merry Christmas!”

We continue with a divider featuring the Mickey ears Christmas wreath and a “Joy to the World” sentiment on the front, and that incredibly cute, blue reindeer design on the back. I just can’t get over the cuteness!

I love this phrase divider with the snow-covered Sleeping Beauty castle on the front. The sentiment on the back is a perfect encapsulation of what Christmas (especially a Disney Christmas) means to me.

Here we finally get to see the gingerbread mouse in all his glory! He’s just SO happy to see you! (Don’t tell him he’s about to get eaten all up!) And on the back is a collection of adorable, Christmas-themed Minnie ears. Speaking of which, don’t forget to order your Fairytale ears today (not just for Halloween or Christmas)!


This next planner divider is great because the sentiment on the back, “I love Disney at Christmas-time,” is pretty much the inspiration for the whole collection in one, simple sentence. And how cute is my redhead mouseketeer on the front? She’s so ready for Christmas!

Last but not least we have the planner page I mentioned earlier with the December calendar on the back. It’s great because it’s not pre-filled with any dates or years, so you can use it now, or you can save it for next year or the next or the next or…you get it. And of course, on the front we have my super-cute, psyched-for-Disney-Christmas Santa, sporting his mouseketeer hat on top of his Santa hat!!! Makes you wonder, is that hat just a part of his head at this point?

Alright, so that’s it for this reveal of the new “Christmas-land” collection. I hope you enjoyed it and are as excited about it and in love with it as I am! Of course we would love to see you at the class on Friday (you can still get tickets!), which includes this kit, but even if you can’t make it, you can still join the fun - the collection is up for sale now! Talk to you later everyone!

Hugs! — Andrea

"The Wonderful World of Disney" Special Event Review

Hello there everyone! It is Andrea here today and I would like to talk to you all about something very special that I have been meaning to talk to you about for a while now...and that is -- "The Wonderful World of Disney" special event at Disneyland! The Fairytale Club occasionally has special events at Disneyland, and this was the last one that we had, back at the beginning of June. And it was so amazing and magical and wonderful!!!

Wonderful World - Flyer.jpg

Now, if you know anything about our events, then you know that what they are are basically big excuses to papercraft in the park and have a fun-filled, beautifully themed party with fellow crafty girls who love Disney! And so that is basically what we did. We all met up in Downtown Disney at Tortilla Jo's restaurant and once there, we all celebrated our love of Disney and planning/scrapbooking together with a really cool "Wonderful World of Disney" luncheon party. 

The theme was all about vintage Disney. Back in the 1950's, while Walt Disney was gearing up to open up his new theme park, called "Disneyland," he created a show called "The Wonderful World of Disney," and with it, Disney presented ideas and plans and sneak peeks for what he was going to be doing in the park! So cool, huh?!!! He was trying to hype up the new theme park and it totally worked! People got very excited! And so, that was really what I wanted the theme for this event, and subsequently the special collection/kit that we created for the event, to be all about -- the magical ideas that Walt Disney had for Disneyland back in the late 50's and early 60's, when the park was just beginning and the "Happiest Place on Earth" and it's dreamy ideology was just being formed into the place that we know and love today! 


To this end, there is a ton of vintage goodness that was put both into the event itself and into the kit that we created for it! One good example of this is our "Small World" image that we featured both in the event and in the kit! For the event, we had a special photo-booth set up that we did...and we always do something special like this for our events...a specially made and large prop that our guests can take pics with while they are at our party. For "Mad Tea Party", we did a "this way, that way" Wonderland sign, for "Spooky" we did a replica of the Haunted Mansion grandfather clock, and for this, our "Wonderful World of Disney" party, we did an absolutely magical version of the front facade of the Small World ride!  This image could also be found on the front of the kit tote bags that each of our guests received, and of course, also within the kit, on one of the planner pages, and in the ephemera pack and cut-apart sheet, etc. I have to say that everyone seemed to love this image (both in the kit and in real life)! The girls at the party all took pics in front of our "Small World" and it was waaaaay cute! 


In addition to the pics that our pro photographer took of everyone in front of our photo-booth Small World set up, we also took pics throughout the party of all of us having fun and papercrafting! And if you are wondering what we worked on for our class project, let me talk a little bit about that! So what we worked on were special memory planners which serve as both a planner and a scrapbook for the Disney adventure that we were having! It is a very fun keepsake to put the memories from that day in (and any other Disney adventure day that you want to place in there from this summer or this year as well). 

We ate lunch first - yummy enchiladas, salad, guacamole and chips, and brownies for desert - all at our beautiful, long table which was set up and decorated to look like a pretty vintage Disney tea-party, with vintage elements like good ole' Mickey Mouse and Peter Pan on the table...and then we started making pretty stuff with our kits! 


While we crafted, we chatted, introduced ourselves to each other, talked about Disney and Disneyland and all the things we loved about it! And as we cut and pasted things into our new Disney memory planner album, we also gave away some fun prizes! Everyone got at least one prize and there were all kinds of things that were given away, including some cute planner and scrapbooking things and also some really adorable Minnie Mouse Fairytale Ears!


At the end of the party in Downtown Disney, we took more pics, including one big group pic of all of us with our memory planners! I think it came out waaaaay cute! And then people started leaving (and I gave out a few more prizes to the last of the stragglers out the door), and the best part was...that we weren't done yet! Nooooo, the day was by no means over because we also had our special "After Party" in the park!!! Now, not everyone comes to the after party walk around the park, but a lot do, and whether or not you do, you are of course in for a really wonderful time. However, I always recommend coming with us into the park because it is soooo much fun!

In the park, we took our guests through a Fairytale Club kind of tour which was of course vintage Disney themed too, just like everything in our "Wonderful World of Disney" event! We took everyone down Mainstreet U.S.A, down through the castle and into Fantasyland! In Fantasyland, we went on vintage rides that have been there since the park began, back in the 50's and 60's...rides which were reflected in the specialty kit that we created for the event! These rides included Dumbo and Small World of we also all got in a big tea-cup in front of the tea-cups ride and we also went on the carousel, Snow White, and Storybookland! So much fun!!!

We took pics all along the way and had fun doing other quintessential and magical Disney things like getting churros, making a wish in Snow White's wishing well, getting some fairy dust sprinkled on us from a fairy godmother, etc! Oh, and we, of course, took pics in front of the beautiful castle!!! And we showed our guests ways to pose, where the best places to take pics are, and also where they could find some fun, free or cheap ephemera to add to their memory planner/scrapbook, along with their pics (which everyone got in an online gallery, included in their event ticket), to really make their memories from their Disney adventure come alive!


It was really such a great and beautiful day at the park! I loved doing this event as I always love doing these special Fairytale Club events at Disneyland! I do have to say that because of my poor health, this may have been my last event like this at the park....but who knows, maybe in the future, if my health gets a lot better, we can go back to doing them again because they really are so wonderful and magical! Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed this review of the event and I hope you all have a wonderful day! To those who were there at the event, thank you so much for sharing in that magical experience with me and for your support! Huuugs to everyone!!!

"The Wonderful World of Disney" Special Event Kit Full Reveal!!!

Hello there everyone! It’s Andrea here, and today I want to share with you the full reveal of our beautiful new specialty kit “The Wonderful World of Disney” which we made special for, and revealed at, our recent papercrafting event at Disneyland! It is such an amazing kit and just filled with the cutest vintage-retro Disney designs! I don’t know about you, but I love Disney! And the only thing better than Disney is vintage Disney!!! There is so much nostalgic awesome-ness in this collection and I can’t wait to show it all to you!

First, let’s talk about what the kit was inspired by and what it is all about. Whenever we have a special event, we do a special kit that is specifically made and themed for the event and the project that goes with that event/class. We have had a couple events before at Disneyland and they are always filled with Disney magic and they focus on a particular Disney theme (like “Mad Tea Party” for our Alice in Wonderland themed event and “Spooky” for our Haunted Mansion themed event)...and this time was no different! For our most recent event at Disneyland, the theme was “The Wonderful World of Disney,” which was about vintage Disney and the opening of Disneyland in 1955. And it is specifically about the show “The Wonderful World of Disney” which Walt Disney created in order to hype the park’s opening. In the show he revealed sneak peeks of the park and specifically its cool rides and attractions. For this reason, the collection is filled with lots of vintage Disney and Disneyland favorites from the 50’s and 60’s, like rides such as Dumbo and Teacups and It’s A Small World, and vintage Disney symbols like the castle, Mickey and Minnie, and the Mouseketeers!

This new collection, “The Wonderful World of Disney,” is so magical, and I love it so much! I know you will love it, too! Let’s take a look at all the cute goodies inside the kit, shall we? First, let's look at all the beautiful patterned papers in the kit. As you can see, the color scheme for this collection is composed of lots of pretty pastels combined with classic black and white. So there are lots of cute light pinks and lavenders and blues and yellows. This color scheme is perfect for the vintage vibe of the collection as it helps evoke that sweet, whimsical, and mid-century modern feeling of Disneyland back when it first opened in 1955.

This vintage-retro vibe especially comes through in the types of patterns in the collection, not just the colors. I am so happy with the way the patterns came out in this collection. They are super duper cute! And oh so vintage Disney! I have lots of favorites in this collection, and one of my favorites is the beautiful black and white patterned paper called “Mouseketeer”! It is so adorable and it has lots of vintage icons in it, including some cute little atomic images and the vintage Disneyland “D” and also the old Mouseketeer hat. On the back of this paper, is a beautiful multi-colored hexagon pattern that sort of gives an ombré effect.

Another favorite pattern of mine in the collection is the “Welcome to Disneyland” pattern that has the word Disneyland all across it. It is inspired by the vintage Disneyland hotel sign and is way cute!

I also really love the pattern called “The Wonderful World of Disney” (just like the name of thee collection), it has a kind of tile pattern which can either look like cubes or stars depending on how you look at it and which, with all of its various colors, feels very pretty and magical! On the back of this paper is another fave pattern of mine, the cute little lavender Minnie ears! They are so beautiful! And the pattern reminds me of my own collection of Minnie ears which I love to wear!

“I Heart the Castle” is another favorite and super beautiful pattern from the collection, and it of course has the lovely Sleeping Beauty castle from Disneyland on it!

The balloon pattern on the back of the “My Happy Place” paper is also so special and cute! It just makes me smile!

And I love the blues on both sides of the “It’s a Small World” paper! The geometric pattern on the front is awesomely retro! And the cute little Small World happy faces on the back are just so sweet!

Finally, let's take a look at the cut-apart sheets in the collection. There is the first one, called “Disney Girl,” and the second one, called “Hi Mickey Mouse." They are filled with fabulous vintage images like my cute, pink-haired Mouseketeer girl, Dumbo from the Flying Elephant ride, the Sleeping Beauty castle, the spinning Teacups, Small World, and Mickey and Minnie of course! And they each have some really pretty vintage-retro patterns on the back of them as well!

Alright, now that we have looked at the pretty patterned papers in the collection, lets take a look at the embellishments in “The Wonderful World of Disney”. This collection has a few really cute embellishments in it. One of which is the ephemera pack. The ephemera pack in this collection is super duper cute! I always love the ephemera packs in our kits! This one may be my absolute favorite though! It has some really amazing bits and pieces in it, like my cute little teacups, adorable little Mickey Mouse silhouettes, and cool script words like “magic” and “believe.” And some of my favorite die-cut pieces in it include the heart piece where Mickey and Minnie are kissing, the pretty, multi-colored “Love” word piece, the Small World building, Mickey and Minnie Mouse faces, and the cool vintage Tinkerbell piece with the castle in the background. And that’s just to name a few!

Now let's take a look at the pretty flair buttons that come in the collection. These flair are my most favorite ever I think! There is a really pretty castle, a cute Mouseketeer hat, Mickey and Minnie’s faces, the Small World face, and the vintage Disney D!


And before we talk about another super special embellishment (which I am saving to talk about at the end), let’s go ahead and look at all the super amazing planner divider pages that come in “The Wonderful World of Disney”! These dividers are so beautiful and vintage fabulous!

Just like the patterned papers in this collection, I have lots of favorite planner dividers too! One of my favorites is the cool divider that says “The Wonderful World of Disney” on it. It is so very pretty with the ombré/rainbow effect on the words and also the cute little Tinkerbell floating about on the page with her magical wand!

Another favorite divider of mine is the oh so pretty Small World one with my version of the ride's building on it. I designed it to be quite colorful, with all the lovely pastels and I think it looks super cute with the fun banners and numbers and the sweet and happy clock face!

I super love the romantic Mickey + Minnie divider with the big heart, the signatures and their cute little mouse faces on it! Way cute!

The Dumbo divider is also really sweet and cute and definitely another fave! It is a depiction of the Dumbo The Flying Elephant ride and is very vintage and whimsical with the pretty pinks!

Of course the castle divider is way beautiful and one of my absolute favorites too!

I really love the phrase dividers that come in this collection too! Especially the one that says “Make Magic Each Day” on it!

And I also really, really love the divider with my cute vintage pink-haired Mouseketeer girl! She is a big Disney fan just like me!  The calendar dividers are so cool and useful too!

Finally, now that we have gone through all of the cute dividers in “The Wonderful World of Disney,” let’s talk about what I think to be the best and coolest part of the collection and a new and super special surprise that I made particularly for this special event collection and which I am so very excited about!...our new enamel pin!


Yes, that is right, we made a pin! And it is so very super duper adorable and girly and vintage-kitschy-cute! It is in pretty pinks and lavenders and blues and looks super “Kuwaii” if you ask me! It is a fun pink cameo of the Sleeping Beauty Disneyland castle and it has the sweet little Disney birds with a big pretty bow on it! I just absolutely love it! It is perfect to use to wear and also perfect to put on your planner/scrapbook album as another embellishment!!! It is just perfect! I am super excited about this pin and I hope that it is just the first of many pins from The Fairytale Club to come!

Alright, now that’s it for this reveal of the new “The Wonderful World of Disney” collection. I hope you enjoyed it and are as excited about it and in love with it as I am! The collection is up for sale now!  Talk to you later everyone!
Hugs! — Andrea

"The Wonderful World of Disney" Event Kit Sneak Peek!

Hello there everyone, it’s Andrea here today and I want to share with you something really special — the sneak peek for our special event collection, “The Wonderful World of Disney”!

It is the collection/kit that will be given to the guests at our special papercrafting event at Disneyland on June 3rd! I’m so excited! Have you gotten your ticket yet?! If you haven’t, there are still a handful of spots left open! But get them while you can! “The Wonderful World of Disney” kit comes as part of the event and was created specially for our all who come are definitely going to get it (plus a few other awesome goodies just for them). However, there will be a limited quantity of the kit available after the event for whoever can’t attend and would like to purchase it. Just make sure to get yours fast once they go on sale on June 3rd!  Or, if you are a subscriber, you will have the opportunity to reserve your special event “The Wonderful World of Disney” kit and have it sent as an “add-on” to your regular kit subscription...yay!!! This collection/kit is so beautiful and vintage and inspired by Walt Disney’s show “The Wonderful World of Disney,” which he created in order to build hype for the opening of the new Disneyland park back in 1955. This kit has that same nostalgic feel as the show and includes lots of references to vintage rides in the park like “Small World” and “Dumbo” and also that famous group, “The Mousketeers”! I just love this collection! It takes you back to a special time in Disney history — which is just what we will be doing in real life at our event on June 3rd ...taking you back in time for a fabulous vintage Disney experience! And with all the special things and surprises we have in store for our upcoming event at the park, including this beautiful kit (wait til you see the rest!), it really is “The Wonderful World of Disney” over here at The Fairytale Club headquarters! Can’t wait to show you more! And I hope to see you at Disneyland!!! See ya real soon everyone! Xoxo — Andrea

Home, Sweet Home with Allie

Hello there! It's Allie here today sharing a layout using the Everyday Wishes collection. Today's page focuses on hand-stitching!

There were so many items in the kit that would look so cute with accent stitching, but I settled on this fun castle from the planner kit! I love the castles Andrea often includes in each kit, because they are so perfect for all my Disney photos!

I stitched around the castle design, and then cut it out to create a beautiful focal point for my page. I used the gorgeous "Dreams Do Come True" paper as my background. I added tissue paper on top of it to help tone down the design and have the photo stand out.

I used a picture from our recent trip to Disneyland, but converted it to black and white so the Christmas colors in the photo wouldn't compete with the colors of the page. 


Finally, I finished off with embellishments. There are so many die cuts and stickers that it was hard to choose! I love the way it turned out. I had so much fun using all the beautiful patterns and colors. Thanks for joining me today!

Spooky Event Review! : A Magical Papercrafting Party at Disneyland

Hello everyone! Andrea here! Today we are going to talk about our "Spooky" Disney Papercrafting event that we had on October, Friday the 13th. Our first event, The Mad Tea Party at Disneyland, went so well, that people asked us for more! I knew I wanted to do one for Halloween-time and I am so happy that we got to do this one on Friday the of the spookiest days of the year...and on a day that Disney was having a Mickey's Halloween Party! I was so looking forward to this event and I wished so hard for it to be really magical and fun and my wishes and hopes certainly came true because the event turned out so super duper amazing! We all had so much fun at the event...and at the after-party in the parks too! 


We started the day in Downtown Disney at Catal Restaurant, on the balcony, for a beautiful and spooktacular "Haunted Mansion" themed lunch and papercrafting party! 


At our "Spooky" Event, we worked on a special "Spooky" project that was a planner/album to plan and document both this Disney Halloween event as well as the entire Halloween season and the various Halloween things we do this month of October!


The party was a Halloween party, so most of us dressed up in some kind of costume or halloween-type outfit...including me...I was Madame Leota, the fortune teller, and resident head-ghoul of the Haunted Mansion. And my husband, Ryan, dressed up as the Hat Box ghost to match!


Everything was decorated really spooky cute! We had a long table that was set up perfect for both seances and playing with pretty paper! There were candles and candelabras, a crystal ball, lots of cool and creepy photographs of ghosts and ghouls, a coffin filled with pretty vintage Halloween buttons and stickers and things, and more, set up all over the table. Each seat got a cool black cat tote bag filled with a planner album and an exclusive Fairytale Club kit called "Spooky" that was filled with lots of Haunted Mansion and Disney Halloween themed goodies to help us document this occassion and our Halloween-time in general. It is an "add on kit" to the main "This is Halloween Kit" that we have out right now, and it matches with it beautifully. In fact, several of the party-goers purchased a "This is Halloween" Kit while they were there too!


The planner albums came in a metallic gold or a metallic purple and after lunch we took them out as well as our kits and we started playing ...punching holes in the planner dividers/pages and filling up the pockets, etc. 


Talking about lunch, we had a fabulous three course meal, plus appetizers! I think the braised ribs and the raspberry sorbet was my favorite! But of course, we ate quickly and/or multi-tasked so we could play with our pretty kit as much as possible! None of us finished our project...but that is all good because of course, everyone who came to the event gets the online class as well which will be starting tomorrow and have tons of videos with awesome tips and tricks and techniques to document this special Disney Halloween event and all of the month of October and the Halloween season in a special album! Yaaaaay!


And before, during, and after we ate, I intermittently gave out prizes. We had planner prizes, like a Studio Calico kit, scrappy prizes like washi tape, gift certificate prizes for places like the Cut-shoppe and also The Fairytale Club of course, and awesome Disney Halloween prizes like Fairytale Ears with flowers, witches hats, and jack-o-lanterns on them! 


During our Spooky Party, we each took turns (individually and in pairs and groups) taking pics in the photobooth set-up/area where we had this really spooktacular Haunted Mansion clock set up along with balloons and props you could use to take the pic with! The clock is just like the creepy grandfather clock on the Haunted Mansion ride and just like that clock, it counts to 13...just like the date of our party!


After our main event ended, some of us continued on to the "after-party" in the parks! We went first to Disney's California Adventure, which for the first time is decorated this year for Halloween! It is gorgeous in there and we had such fun! We met at the Sleepy Hollow,Headless Horseman statue and took a group pic.


We ran into some characters along our Minnie, who was herself a magical fortune teller, like me!


We had a great time in the newly decorated Cars-land which was filled with "Haul-o-ween" and "Trunk-or Treat" goodness!


After our trip to DCA, we went into Disneyland for the "Mickey's Halloween Party"! If you have ever gone to the Halloween Party there, you know how really amazing it is! The parade is cool and the trick-or-treating around the park and all the villains everywhere that you can take pics with, and the fireworks! Oh I had the best time watching the fireworks! They were even more spooktacular this year than they have been in years before! 


Everything was really magical! We had a great time posing for pics and going on rides like Star Tours and the Haunted Mansion and just hanging out and having fun! It was an amazing time at the parks...and that is on top of the amazing time in Downtown Disney papercrafting too! Overall, the day was one we will all remember and cherish! I know I will!


And don't take my word for are a few words from Carolee Flatley, she is a DT member who attended the event and I think she sums things up nicely! :

"Andrea did not disappoint! Fun decorations, including a handmade clock prop in the photobooth almost as tall as I was, yummy food, an adorable kit and lots of fun at our after-party was enjoyed by one and all. As with the last one, the best part of the event was the lovely ladies who joined us for some crafting. It was so nice to see faces from past events along with some new ones. Being in a niche of a niche hobby can get a bit lonely at times, so it’s always nice to be in the company of people who understand your obsessions!"


Oh, and If you couldn’t make it to the the event, no worries, you can still join in on the "Spooky" fun! The special "Spooky" kit will be available to the general public for sale starting tomorrow, as well the online class!


Okay everyone! I hope you are having a really incredible Halloween season and I will see you all later!

xoxo -- Madame Leota...I mean, Andrea :-)