Magical and Mischievous Collection Sneak Peek!!!

Hello everyone :-) It's Andrea here. And I am so so excited today to share with you our next and newest collection, "Magical and Mischievous"! And yes, you probably guessed right, it is our new Halloween collection. Yaaaay!!! I absolutely love Halloween!!! It is my favorite holiday, and the fall is my favorite season, and October is my favorite month...that's a lot of favorites! It all means so much to me and so of course, working on a collection for it also means so much! I really put my heart into this, and I really hope you love it as much as I do! "Magical and Mischievous" is filled with incredible, adorable, and, it goes without saying, oh so magical things! This collection is all about the magic, and you feel it when you look at it. There are witches and spell books, cauldrons and black cats, wands and stars, and so much more!

Magical and Mischievous - Sneak Peek-68.jpg

For this collection, as with all the ones I design and create for our Fairytale Club kits, I was inspired by fairytales. This time, I was inspired by a few different ones that I think best fit the feeling of magic and childlike wonder that I want to convey for this Halloween. I was inspired by Tim Burton fairytales like "Nightmare Before Christmas" but also other classic stories he has told and his specific love of all things 50's and 60's retro.  You can definitely see all the fun retro in the collection for sure! But first and foremost, I was inspired by J.K. Rowling's more modern, yet still classic fairytale of "Harry Potter" and the magical world of Witchcraft and Wizardry that she created! I wanted to create a mid-century modern magic look where the main concept is Halloween in the Wizarding World.  Specifically, I wanted to create the kinds of things you might see on cards and wrapping paper and decorations in the Wizarding World during that retro era at Halloween-time! I kind of merged these ideas in my head and came up with the "Magical and Mischievous" collection which you see a sneak peek of here today!

I love the cool retro prints and how boldly they work together to bring such a vibrant and eclectic and whimsical look! And I super love the adorable witches and cats (who are also either transfigured witches or someone's purrrrrfect patronus)! I love the jack-o-lanterns that wink and smile at you (as if they're under some magic spell)!  I love the fun little owls (who are clearly there for a party and not just to deliver mail).  And I love all the yummy candy (which was probably purchased at Honeydukes)! And I love the fun colors in this collection -- the classic orange and black paired with some fun pinks and aquas and greens and purples! I love everything about this collection! It is filled to the brim with Magic and Mischief, and I hope it speaks to you this Halloween! I hope it says, "Go, make something awesome," because 'magic is something you make!!!' 

"Tiki, I Love You!" Sneak Peek!

Hello!  I'm sorry we've gotten a few days behind here on the blog.  The bad news is that my health has been very poor, which has made it difficult to get a lot of work done.  The good news is that we do have a sneak peek for the next collection to show off!!!  It's called "Tiki, I Love You!" and I am in love with it.  So excited to finally be able to show some of it to you all!

This collection is mainly inspired by the tiki aesthetic (as you may have guessed), and in particular the Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland.  The colors for the collection are dreamy, pastel pinks and greens, with fresh yellows and blues, as well.  It's all about going on that great summer adventure, and it's the perfect collection to help document your summer memories, especially if you happen to meet a mermaid or two along the way.  ;)  Keep an eye out for the full collection reveal coming soon!

"The Wonderful World of Disney" Event Kit Sneak Peek!

Hello there everyone, it’s Andrea here today and I want to share with you something really special — the sneak peek for our special event collection, “The Wonderful World of Disney”!

It is the collection/kit that will be given to the guests at our special papercrafting event at Disneyland on June 3rd! I’m so excited! Have you gotten your ticket yet?! If you haven’t, there are still a handful of spots left open! But get them while you can! “The Wonderful World of Disney” kit comes as part of the event and was created specially for our all who come are definitely going to get it (plus a few other awesome goodies just for them). However, there will be a limited quantity of the kit available after the event for whoever can’t attend and would like to purchase it. Just make sure to get yours fast once they go on sale on June 3rd!  Or, if you are a subscriber, you will have the opportunity to reserve your special event “The Wonderful World of Disney” kit and have it sent as an “add-on” to your regular kit subscription...yay!!! This collection/kit is so beautiful and vintage and inspired by Walt Disney’s show “The Wonderful World of Disney,” which he created in order to build hype for the opening of the new Disneyland park back in 1955. This kit has that same nostalgic feel as the show and includes lots of references to vintage rides in the park like “Small World” and “Dumbo” and also that famous group, “The Mousketeers”! I just love this collection! It takes you back to a special time in Disney history — which is just what we will be doing in real life at our event on June 3rd ...taking you back in time for a fabulous vintage Disney experience! And with all the special things and surprises we have in store for our upcoming event at the park, including this beautiful kit (wait til you see the rest!), it really is “The Wonderful World of Disney” over here at The Fairytale Club headquarters! Can’t wait to show you more! And I hope to see you at Disneyland!!! See ya real soon everyone! Xoxo — Andrea

"Hello Beautiful!" Sneak Peek

Hello everyone! It is Andrea here and today I want to share with you a fun sneak peek of our newest and next collection, "Hello Beautiful!" It is so, so lovely and I am super excited for you to see it!

Hello Beautiful - Sneak Peek 72dpi-04.jpg

The collection is filled with gorgeous springtime patterns and imagery. It has tons of pretty florals and adorable animals. And, as you may notice, it is inspired by my favorite fairytale -- Snow White! All of our kits/collections are inspired, as you know, by fairytales...but as usual, we have created for you a collection which can be used for many different things -- like, for example, springtime, a celebration, the outdoors, someone you love, reading, the everyday magic of our lives....etc. However, I find that this collection is perfect not just to use for those themes, and so many more, but also particularly ideal to use for documenting yourself! I love that there are so many inspirational items in this collection which are all about recognizing the beauty of who you are! I think this is something which I myself struggle with, and which many of us have a hard time with. It is so important for us each to feel beautiful! And I think "Hello Beautiful!" reminds us that we are each special because of our individual traits and likes, our actions and personalities...all the good things inside us which make us truly beautiful -- things like kindness, bravery, and inteligence! So make sure to watch for the full reveal of "Hello Beautiful!"...coming soon! And get yours as soon as you can! It will definitely remind you of what a beautiful person you are!!! Hugs!!! xoxo -- Andrea