"Trick or Treat" Collection Full Reveal!!!

Hello everyone! I am oh so very excited today because it is a) my favorite time of year and b) we have a brand new and amazing collection to share with you in celebration of this month, October, my favorite time of year!!! Eeeeek!!! Yes, it is Halloween-time, so everybody scream, because it is time, it is time, it is time for Halloween! And for Halloween this year, The Fairytale Club is proud to present our newest collection, "Trick or Treat"!!!! I could not be more thrilled and spooktacularly chilled (but in a good way) about how this new collection turned out!

Trick or Treat - Logo-50.png

I have so many things I want to say about this collection, but first, if you’d like to just go ahead and subscribe or make a one-time purchase, please click here. Ok, so let's start with the inspiration for "Trick or Treat". If you saw the Sneak Peek post yesterday, you heard a little already about the inspiration for the collection, but let's talk about it a little bit more here. So, I think those who know me, know how much I absolutely looooove Halloween, and those who are new here have probably gleaned as much from the first sentence in this blog post...lol! However, I don't know if any of you know just how much I love director Tim Burton. He is actually my favorite director! Which makes so much sense really because we seem to have a lot of the same taste in things. He loves Disney and so do I...he loves spooky and so do I...he loves vintage, 50's/60's style and so do I...he loves victorian/gothic and so do I...he loves Halloween and Christmas and so do I...he loves a good fairytale and magic and imagination and wonder and so do I...honestly, this is a man who gets me! "Trick or Treat" is inspired by my love of all things Tim Burton! I was particularly inspired by some of my favorite Burton fairytales like Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice, Sleepy Hollow, Batman Returns, Edward Scissorhands, Alice in Wonderland and more! I think you will find the collection has a very Burton-esque, spooky feel while still having my whimsical vibe and also being very modern yet vintage and also very cute and charming, and fun! It's all quite magical guys...a trick and a treat, to be sure!

Now let's talk about the color scheme for "Trick or Treat". I love the color pallete for this collection. It consists of classic and more traditional Halloween colors like orange, black, and purple, but it also has some more modern and non-traditional colors thrown in there like some fun pinks and teals! I gave the collection a very bright and fun vibe with the vibrant and crisp colors and rainbow-like effects on things like the spiderweb pattern...but I also wanted to maintain that dark and creepy, Tim Burton inspired feel, so I also added in a few charcoally blacks here and there too, along with the blacker blacks and the bright colors, just to make sure you still got that eerie, vintage Halloween vibe! The combo of the various blacks and the traditional Halloween colors along with the bright and more modern, vibrant colors is meant to create a kind of contrast between the light and bright and the dark and creepy -- kind of like how Tim Burton does in his classic films like Edward Scissor Hands. In the movie, and in many of Burton's films, you have the juxtaposition of the brighter and happier and the darker and drearier. This is probably best shown in Edward Scissor Hands in the contrast between the little mid-century modern town with all the cute little 50's/60's houses and the hill at the edge of town with the big, dark Gothic Mansion that Edward lives in by himself. This was a major inspiration for one of the patterned papers in the collection...which we will talk about in just a moment. In fact, let's go ahead and start looking over the patterns in this collection. There are so many cute ones and I am so excited to share them with you!

First, let's look at this one below! This is called "Trick or Treat", just like the collection, and as you can see, it is the cutest thing EVER!!! I love this pattern so darn much! It actually says "trick or treat" up in one corner of the page, and "happy halloween" down in the other corner and is inspired by a vintage halloween card that I saw with little houses on it and little trick-or-treaters that I just thought was super cute! I wanted to re-create that same kind of aesthetic here. And I was also really inspired by the movie Edward Scissorhands, in which there is a small suburban town with cute little vintage houses painted in pretty colors like pinks and blues....but there is also a creepy, haunted looking house up on a hill that is very different from the others...and so I wanted that same kind of look and feel on this pattern. I decided to add a few special "easter eggs" here and there hidden in the pattern...can you find them amongst the regular trick-or-treaters?

On the back of the page is a great modern/boho looking, aztec black and white triangle, geometric pattern which I love and which is perfect for a background pattern.

Next, we have a pattern called "I am the Pumpkin Queen!" It is a multi-colored extravaganza and I love it! It has all the good things that make up this spooktacular collection at a glance! It has our strange and unusual, creepy goth girl, a cute ghost puppy, a boogey guy, a skeleton man, some candy, a black cat, some bats, some pumpkin spiced latte, and so much more! So very Burton inspired and I absolutely love it!

And on the back there is a rainbow spiderweb that is positively to dye for! Lol!

Here we have "Recently Deceased", which is a pattern inspired by Beetlejuice. I love the part in the movie where Wynona sees the ghosts and she says, as Lydia, of course, "No feet?", when she is looking at the Polaroid picture that she has taken. I also really love the Handbook for The Recently Deceased. Anyhow, here is my take on the two recently deceased, "sheet ghosts".

And on the back we have some fabulous multicolor stars and dots. They remind me of sprinkles! Like yummy Halloween sprinkles, on a yummy Halloween cupcake!

03 - Recently Deceased.jpg

Next is our pattern, "What a Lovely Nightmare", which is inspired by Nightmare Before Christmas and is in a word, ridiculously adorable!!! I super, duper love the ghost puppy and the skeleton heads and the candy! Super sweet for sure! Absolutely love this pattern!

And on the other side there is a simple but fantastic orange and white geometric pattern.

01 - What a Lovely Nightmare.jpg

And next is "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow", inspired by Sleepy Hollow. I love the Disney classic as well as Burton's version. And the headless horsemen, with his pumpkin for a head is definitely a fave icon of mine. Subsequently, I just had to make a pumpkin head pattern like this one! They look like they are being tossed around by the headless horseman himself!

And on the back is a creepy and cute black and white zig-zag pattern that I just love! Simple and versatile!

05 - The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.jpg

Here is our "I can Take Off My Head" Pattern which is inspired by Nightmare Before Christmas and a certain Skeleton man who is King. I just love him! His bowtie, his eyes, that smile, and his blushing cheeks...oh, wow...I think we are simply meant to be, don't you?!

And on the back we have a truly amazing swirly and twirly and crazy and curvy pattern that is very Burton inspired. It in fact is inspired by many different Tim Burton classics as it appears in several different Burton movies, such as Nightmare, but also Sleepy Hollow, Corpse Bride, Alice in Wonderland, and more. It usually appears in black and white, but here I have decided to do the pattern in a sort of monochromatic teal on teal and I think it came out super cute!

04 - I Can Take Off My Head.jpg

Next is "Only 31 Days 'til Next Halloween" and it is a super cool calendar that you can either use as one piece or cut-apart if you wish to do so! Perfect for an October Daily!

And on the back is great black and white scallop!

And here we have "Strange and Unusual" which is a cut-apart page and it has a number of different pieces that you can cut out from here...from 3x4 to 2x2...tags and also labels! It is so cute and filled with goodies! I especially love the haunted house piece at the bottom! I love the creepy black and white 2x2 worm monster that is also a lil bit cute and says boo! And I love the goth girl 3x4 card who is holding her book for the dead!

And on the other side of the page, we have a classic black and white Burton inspired stripe. So spoooooooky!

08 - Strange and Unusual.jpg

The next and last we have a page that is named "Hey, Ghoul, Hey" and it is a cute 3x4 cut-apart sheet that has lots of great pieces like one card with a ghost on it that says "hey, ghoul, hey", and a fun polaroid of two ghosts that says "no feet?!"

And on the back is a great pink and purple kitty-cat pattern that is inspired by Catwoman and Selena Kyle's neon sign in Batman Returns! Love that movie!

Alright, now let's talk about the embellishments in the collection. There are so many amazing embellishments in the collection. As per usual, one of my favorite embellishments, is of course, our ephemera pack! And I know you guys love our ephemera packs too, which makes me so happy! Anyhow, this one is particularly adorable! We have lots of cute goodies in here, like our little Haunted House and a few of our other cute little trick-or-treating houses and our trick-or-treaters too of course! I love the little polaroid with the haunted house on it too! And I love the little ghost puppy and the cute and creepy boogy-guy! And the happy and scary pumpkins are adorable! The skeleton man is handsome, albeit quite gangly. He is sweet and silly...and is he blushing?! I think he may be a bit awkward! :-) He may have been a little inspired by my own tall and skinny husband who is sweet and silly and awkward and prone to blushing! I also really love my strange and unusual and oh so lovely and creepy goth girl! She is so pretty with her teal hair and her fabulous hat and her giant eyes!

Ephemera Pack

Okay, our next embellishment is our flair buttons. I love these! They really add so much charm to your project. I especially like to use them to make decorative paperclips out of to add to your planner or mini-album...perfect for an Oct. Daily! In this flair button set, we have seven buttons. I think my favorites are the two multi-colored words ones, that say "eek!" and "boo!", but I also really love the pumpkin one and the ghost puppy!

Trick or Treat - Flair square with outline and shadows.jpg

The next embellishment is our sticker pack. These stickers are adorable!! I just love how these turned out! I Love the "A Haunted Home is A Happy Home" sticker, and also the little word bubble ones, the cute little colorful cats, the "strange and unusual is kind of my thing sticker" and well...all of them, really! So, so cute...can't wait to hear which ones are your favorites! And to see how you use them!

Sticker SHeet


Next, we have something that is still relatively new here at The Fairytale Club, and that is our Variety Pack. I love our Variety Packs that we have done for the past few collections! And it seems like you guys are loving them too! They are basically very similar to our ephemera packs, but with much more! They include a lot of the classic cardstock ephemera pieces that you love, but there are a ton of other goodies too. And with this variety pack, in addition to doing some really awesome and colorful, cardstock word pieces, we also decided to do some cool metallic pieces (which this will only be our second time doing silver metallic pieces like this, which is so exciting)! And...brand new...for the first time, ever...we we are doing transparency pieces in our variety pack!!! And they are so, so adorable! I am so excited for you guys to get them and see them, they are amazing! I love them! I think my favorite pieces in the pack are the script words that say things like "magic" and "haunted house", the silver "Pumpkin Queen" piece and basically all of the transparency pieces, especially the ghost polaroid and the haunted house picture and the little bats and ghosts...oh and the big Halloween word!!! There is so much good stuff in this pack guys, I can't wait for you to see!

Variety Pack

Okay, and last, but not least, we have the newest and coolest embellishment in our "Trick or Treat" collection...something that we have never done before and which I am so very excited about! For this collection, we decided to do a specialty acrylic embellishment pack! And these pieces could not be cuter if they tried! They are amazing and so spooktacular guys!!! I love, love, love them!!! In the pack, you get a couple of words that say "trick" and "treat", you get some little bats, some hearts, some other little shapes like a moon, star, a ghost...it's all so adorable! They come in different colors like black and teal and white and even silver glitter and they will just knock you over with their spooky-cute-goodness!!! I can't wait to see what you guys do with them, I think they are going to be perfect to create so many different things with for Halloween-time...especially for an October Daily!

Acrylic Embellishments


Oh, and I also want to mention one more goody, that comes in the planner kit and the Happily Ever After Kit, and that is the vellum sheet. It is covered with those creepy and sweet swirls that are so very Burton-inspired and I just love it! Perfect to make a dashboard out of in your planner or to use for snail mail, to make a little see-through envelope. You could use it in your Halloween mini-album or your Oct.Daily to make a pocket page. Great for so many things!

Trick or Treat - Vellum with shadows.jpg

Now, let's look at the planner pages in the collection. There are 6 beautiful planner pages in the collection this time. This is a little different than usual, but it is because you are getting the specialty vellum page included in the planner kit...so it still all evens out, so no worries!

The first planner page is the cute little Haunted House planner page. I love it! I know I have said that already so many times in this post, but it is true, I really do! I just love this little Haunted House! So, so adorable and spooky and so very haunted, clearly! It has a couple of ghosts just floating about outside, some very creepy cobwebs, a gnarly old tree, some bats which are probably actually vampires and some way cute pumpkins out in front...and it has some stars and a moon overhead that you just know any second will be passed by a witch on a broom-stick. Also, just look at that Victorian Architecture...wow! I would move into this house if I could, it is the house of my dreams! On the other side of the planner page is a fantastic calendar page in pink that says "happy halloween" on it.


The next planner page is a sweet little ghost puppy! Isn't she lovely! Puppy is blushing and happy and ready to play...and would totally wag their little tail if they still had one! On the other side is a very cute and happy pumpkin that says boo!

Our next planer page is my handsome and sweet skeleton man! He is blushing and silly and fun! And I love his smile and his bowtie! On the other side is a cool quote about it being time for Halloween!

The next page is a cute little block of houses to trick or treat on! On the street we have our trick-or-treaters as well and aren't they adorable in their costumes! I love the little witch and the little princess especially! And on the other side of the planner page is a simple but useful little pink ledger page to write out your spooky wishlist!

Here we have a planner page with a very strange and unusual, but beautiful and creepy goth girl on it! She is so wonderful and spooky! And look at those giant, wide eyes! They see you! And they see dead people too! On the other side there is a scary pumpkin that says eek!

And finally we have our planner page with the boogey guy on it! He is quite scary! Actually...no, I think he is very cute really! He just wants to be your friend, honest! Don't mind the spider hanging from his head...it's not his fault, they just seem to be drawn to him. And on the other side of the page is a quote about Halloween being a lifestyle, and not just a holiday. Which is how I feel!


Alright, I hope you have enjoyed this full reveal! I have enjoyed sharing "Trick or Treat" with you all! Please click here to subscribe or to make your one-time purchase! Remember, you can purchase a planner kit of the collection, a scrapbook kit of the collection, or our Happily Ever After kit...which includes absolutely everything in the collection! Happy Halloween everyone!!!


Andrea Bethke

Aimee's "I'm in Wonderland!" 8.5x11 Layout

Hey everyone, it’s Aimee and I am so excited to be back today sharing a project using the “I’m in Wonderland!” Kit.

im in wonderland.png

When this kit arrived, I just knew I would be scrapping photos from my husband’s birthday at Disneyland. This was our very first trip to Disney together. I took him there for his 38th birthday, and he was such a great sport letting me take ALL the Pictures! This was back in 2009 and you could get in free on your birthday!


How perfect is this photo of us riding the tea cups!

I used one of the smaller planner dividers to mat my photo. I cut the bottom strip from “I’m in Wonderland” and machine stitched it under my matted photo. I adhered the matted photo on top of those strips to give a bit of depth and wonkiness {that’s a word, right?}.


Using the arrow die cuts and the cute little mouse in the tea cups, I adhered them over my photo with 3-d adhesive foam.

I used the “I’m in Wonderland” die cut from the Variety Pack as my title, and adhered it with 3-d foam. Check out how the metallic title shines in the sunlight!


I stamped the bottom right side of my layout with a date roller stamp and another roller stamp

I have that this collection has Disney-inspired phrases.


For the top left corner {to balance out the layout} I cut the strip from the bottom of 2 other 12x12 papers and machined stitched. I then added a little tiny paper clip and slipped in the bow die cut. I adhered another die cut arrow over the stitched strips with 3-d foam adhesive for another “POP”


It was so great to create for you all again, I can’t wait to share my next project with you!!!


 XOXO, Aimee

Kellie's Quick and Easy Cardmaking with "I'm in Wonderland!"

2019-09-06 14.07.27"We're all mad here..." has to be one of my favourite quotes of all time.  I think it nails my family, haha.  Today I'm here to share a quick card I made using the new "I'm in Wonderland!" kit.  This kit has everything you could need to create MANY cards if that's your thing.  So far I've created three different projects and still have enough kit to keep going on more.2019-09-06 14.07.27For this card I kept it simple.  I love that I now have a collection from previous cards made in the same form.  I could give them away, but I'm hoarding them, haha.  I absolutely love the strip along the bottom of each 12 x 12 pattern papers that come within the kits from The Fairytale Club.  Every time I have used them to create a card like this one.

I love how this card came together and the flower just goes with the flow of all the bright colourful patterns.

Do you like making cards?  Do you still send cards or happy mail?

Lilly's "Wonderland" Memorydex Cards

Hey guys, welcome back to the blog! Hope everyone is having a great week. Today I’m sharing with you guys some fun vellum shaker memorydex cards i created using the new "I’m in Wonderland!" collection.


These are super easy and fun to create for pen pals in happy mail or just to collect in your own crafty stash. I stitched up the cards to create my shaker with some pink neon thread. Then, you guys, it was time to decorate and make these cuties nice and chunky filled with layers!

I used a bunch of the cut aparts and ephemera to add all sorts of details to these cards. The key to layering is to not think just add. Trust that in the end the finished product will look amazing. I think they turned out great and can’t wait to share these with my crafty friends. What do you think? Thanks for stopping by. Until next time… Stay Crafty!!!

Kellie's "I'm in Wonderland" layout

2019-09-06 14.05.33Hi there crafty peeps, long time, no layout!  We've just gotten over winter down my way and into Spring, well I mean almost, I'm sure Spring is coming.  So this is why it was amazing to have this kit arrive on my doorstep with all the bright beautiful colours and loads of floral.  Any guesses on the theme?!  I'm in Wonderland!
2019-09-06 14.05.33I scrap in the 6x8 size in case you are new around here.  I used to only scrap in 12x12 many moons ago.  I'm not even sure I could managed that now?!  Maybe a challenge for myself for this weekend with this very kit.  Now I'm scaring myself, haha!
2019-09-06 14.05.33I really LOVE all the patterns in this release and it made it hard to just pick a couple or a few and so I made strips and got busy layering and LOVED putting it together for the background.  After that it was just a case of layering, layering and more layering
2019-09-06 14.05.33What's your favourite part of the I'm in Wonderland kit?

Lilly's "I'm in Wonderland!" Handmade Cards

Hey guys, welcome back to the blog! I recently got the chance to play with the new “I’m in Wonderland!” collection.

I, of course, chose to make some handmade cards as my 1st project because I think Andrea’s collections are perfect for cards.

I love the brightness of the cards. I feel like these cards are great to send to a friend who needs a smile.

To create the cards I used 110lb white cardstock as my base. I matted the cards with the 12x12 sheets from the collection.

I did tons of stitching and added texture to each card with small embellishments from my stash. I love how with a little fold, stitch and doily you can transform the look of any project.

This is a great collection to work with and I can’t wait till I show you guys what I create next. Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you guys next time. Happy Crafting!!!

Aimee's "Frame It" Layout

Hey everyone, it’s Aimee!

 Today I have an 8.5x11 layout for you!

frame it.jpg

 Do you ever have an idea for a layout and then you make and it doesn’t turn out how you thought? Well I do that ALL the time. But this layout I ended up LOVING.


 When I started this layout that’s exactly what happened. I instantly knew when I saw the “Be True to You” 12x12 Paper, that I wanted to frame little photos in all the frames. And that’s exactly what I did.


 First, I cut the 12x12 paper down to 8.5x11 {that’s my go to size for layouts these days}. I then used an Xacto knife to cut out the frames that were still whole, so I could back them with photos.

 I measured and printed 7 little photos, and backed my paper with said photos. And the layout was moving right along just the way I wanted. But I knew it needed dimension. SO, I decided to use puffy alphas to write stuff in the frames, AND I just didn’t like it. Now what?


 I grabbed the Variety Pack and pulled out 4 of the color blocked hearts, and stapled them inside frames.

Ok now the layout is coming along, but I need more.

I am not a huge sticker user. I love them, I just don’t use them very often. I got the sticker sheet out and started putting the word strips and hearts and stars in the frames. And guess what.


I simply dated the layout with a date roller stamp and used some glitter glue on some of the frames.


 Now I was hoping you wouldn’t notice but I have to come clean. My paper is upside down.

Yep that’s right. See the squiggly frames? They have hearts in them and they are upside down. Oopsie! Once I noticed it was too late and I just went with it!

Have you ever noticed a boo boo in the middle of a layout and just kept going???

XOXO Aimee