Sweet and Simple Traveler's Notebook Spread

Hello everyone! My name is Enza, and I am so excited and honored to be a guest designer for the Fairytale Club this month! Thank you, Andrea, for inviting me to join you and your amazing team.

A little bit about myself...

I was born and raised in Italy. I moved to the United States twelve years ago to follow my heart. I’ve been married to Michael since 2004 and we have three very energetic kids who keep our days full and very very busy. I have always loved playing with pretty papers, stickers, and fun embellishments, but only started scrapbooking in 2008. It has become a passion of mine, a way to express my creativity and document our memories in a fun and colorful way. Not paper crafting related... I can't leave without coffee and chocolate :)

Today I am sharing a spread in my Traveler's Notebook using the beautiful Storytime kit. I absolutely love all the pretty colors in it. Pink, purple and aqua/teal are my absolute favorite. I also have a thing for ephemera pieces, and this kit is packed full with them. Here is what I came up with:

Fairytale TN.jpg

I started by covering the pages with two different patterned papers. I think the combination of pink and aqua is just lovely, and works perfectly for the sweet picture of my daughter hugging her grandma.

Fairytale TN - CloseUp2.jpg

Before placing the label stickers under the left side of the photo, I cut them in half as I wanted to give my spread a more cohesive look by repeating some of the elements on the opposite page.

Fairytale TN - CloseUp3.jpg

The same idea was behind the roses I fussy cut from the "Belle" patterned paper. Some are peeking out from the top right corner of the photo, one single rose is in the cluster at the bottom of the other page.

Fairytale TN - CloseUp1.jpg

A few colorful sequins and my journaling finished the spread.

Fairytale TN - CloseUp4.jpg

I hope your enjoyed reading about my process today. The Storytime kit is truly beautiful, and I can't wait to share more of my projects with you. Thank you for stopping by. Have a lovely day!


Setting up my Planner with the June "Storytime" Kit

Good morning everyone! Sarah here this morning to share with you a spread in my memory planner. And man am I so excited to be using the June "Storytime" Kit! It is so beautiful! I have a things for purple and this kit has it!

I do memory planning, but just like a lot of other planner girls, I do a little bit of set up before the month starts. The spread I'm sharing with you today is the last few days of June and the Start of July. 

I started out by choosing a paper from the kit.This was harder then I thought it was going to be. But I decided on the one with the pretty two toned hearts and cut it down to fit the right hand side of the page. I tend to cover this portion, because its already colored in my planner, so I cover it, I dont always do this, but most of the time. After I have that adhered down I choose a washi tape that I want to use, this kit has a lot of gold in it so I chose a gold washi tape. To be honest, I love to use the gold washi anyways, lol. 

At this point I start to play a little with embellishments, inserts, tags and other things. I remembered seeing this "Hi" planner page and I thought that it would be a great way to bring in July! So I punched it so it would fit in my planner and then grabbed the beautiful chipboard alphas and wrote July in different colors. Then I went back and grabbed that cute little crown and added it to the top of the insert.

I did add a few pieces from the ephemera pack. A few of the pretty gold foiled hearts, wrote in things that I knew were happening on these days and added a few other bits here and there. But I did make sure to leave quite a bit open because I know I will add pictures and more journaling.

Junes "Storytime" kit is beautiful and if you haven't subscribed yet, make sure you go check it out, you wont want to miss out on this beautiful kit!!

M is for Mermaid | Pocket Page

Hey guys, its me Mindi. I was so excited to receive my June kit yesterday that I got right down to business and got busy creating with it. This one is so very fun and full of possibilities. And the colors, don't get me started. They are so very pretty. 

Anyways, let's get down to business. Today I have a pocket page spread. This one is part of my week 26 from 2016. I am going to be sharing the right side with you today and then I will finish up the other side for my next blog post. 

Once I saw this kit had a mermaid theme, I knew it would work for this particular week.  We went to the beach and to the pool. So it seemed to fit. I used one of the letters from the letter pack and then added a few quotes about mermaids underneath. 

This first journaling card I used some of this green patterned paper and added some of the die cuts from the package and a few word strips. The photo below that is one from one of our favorite local eating establishments. 

I added another photo from the beach. It is my daughter sitting on one of the rocks there on the shore. Totally mermaid like right ?!!! 

The top right hand side photo is of us playing glow in the dark bowling on Friday night. I had planned a fun family night with a mystery dinner, then bowling and we ended up all in the swimming pool in the dark. 

This summer magic card was one that looked like the paper I was taking score with that night while we were playing bowling. I added a few embellishments to it and I love how it turned out. The photo next to it is of us at the pool. My son was the first one to jump in. 

Here is another look at this spread. I really love how the colors all flowed real nicely this week. 

One last close up of this mermaid journaling card. This card talks all about our lunch date at Salty's. 

I will be back next time to finish up the other side of this week. Thanks so much for coming over to the blog today. 

A Closer Look at Storytime!!!

Hi Everyone! It's Andrea here! I wanted to do this post to talk to you some more about our June collection, "Storytime"!!! I don't know about you but I love stories! I love to read and I love to write and I especially love to document my own story through my memory keeping and planning!!! Stories are so important! Telling them is part of the human condition and we learn from them constantly. For this month, I wanted to make a collection that was inspired by story-telling and the adventure, beauty, magic and courage that is found in stories.  

This month I was inspired by Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid, Moana, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Fantasia, and Beauty & The Beast. Story-telling is a prominent theme in all of these fairytales. There are a few other fun sub-themes in these fairytales too though and those can also be found in the collection this month -- themes like the ocean, magical creatures (like mermaids & unicorns & fairies & flamingos?), and also travel & adventure! :-)

I am loving all the beautiful mermaids in "Storytime"! I have always been a big fan of mermaids! And the tale of the mermaid is a classic one that has been around for centuries! Ancient mariners would tell tales of the beautiful creatures and they became a symbolic image for the magic, majesty and mystery of the ocean. Mermaids can be found in both The Little Mermaid and in Peter Pan. And in both of these classic tales, stories are important. Peter Pan is all about telling stories to his mermaid friends in The Mermaid Lagoon, and The Little Mermaid wants to hear as many stories as possible about the human world! So you can see why mermaids became an important part of my "Storytime" collection!

And I am loving how all the different mermaids in the collection look! I really love the mermaid planner dividers! The "M is for Mermaid" planner divider is definitely a favorite of mine! I love that she has a little unicorn sea-horse too! 

And you can find her and her little sea-unicorn in the "Little Mermaids" patterned paper and in the ephemera pack too. She has a little pink streak of hair in her ephemera form which is a cute little accent to that piece. 

And talking about ephemera, I think the ephemera pack this month is so amazing! There is a lot of great gold-foiling in the ephemera pack for "Storytime". I think that the all gold foiled unicorn is my favorite!!! Her tail is blowing beautifully in the wind and she just looks so gorgeous!

I am loving the camera too, with the little heart on it and the scallop at the bottom, with all the gold-foiling, it just looks super cute! And I also am in love with the "Believe" word that comes in the ephemera pack...the white and gold letters just look way cool!  I put the word "believe" in the ephemera pack because this collection is all about believing in fairytales -- stories of wonder and adventure, great struggle and great happiness...especially the story that you write everyday of your life! It's important that we believe in ourselves and our own story!

Besides the awesome ephemera pack, we should talk about some of the other great embellishments in June's collection too! I really am enjoying all of the embellies this month! I think that the new wood and enamel buttons are so adorable and fun to use and may possibly be my favorite! I think they just work great and add a lot of pop, dimension and interest to whatever you may be working on (whether it is a layout, a planner page, a card, etc).  In the enamel and wood buttons you will find symbols like that of the compass which is specifically symbolic of The Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales ...and the story/legend of Captain Jack Sparrow, the Black Pearl and all his adventures on the high seas! I love a good Pirate story!

The chipboard alphas are super gorgeous in this collection! I made sure they all are gold-foiled and come in lots of beautiful colors that go with the overall ethereal, "mermaid lagoon" kind of color scheme of teals, blues, mints, lavenders and pinks that can be found throughout the collection. They have a dreamy, enchanting, "bed-time" story quality that just works!

And the label and tiny word stickers are so fabulous too! I included a lot of words in there that are perfect for telling your story right now -- whether that is a story of going out and having a fun adventure swimming at the beach on vacation, or staying in and having an equally fun adventure lost in an incredible book!

Whatever your story is at the moment, I think you will find that "Storytime" will work for you! I specifically made the collection so that you can plan and scrap for a lot of things -- the patterns especially are very versatile, with one side being more specific, and the other being more open to interpretation (i.e. bold, and more themed pattern on one side, and a more simple but equally beautiful pattern on the other).

I really hope you enjoy June's collection/kit -- "Storytime"! It is filled with fabulous fun and I cannot wait to see what you make with it! If you haven't purchased your "Storytime" kit yet, get it now! This is a truly magical collection and it's not something you want to miss out on! Get in on the adventure of "Storytime"!

Everyday Life Pocket Style

Hey everybody ! It is Mindi here with you today on the blog. I am going to be sharing another weekly Project Life style spread. This is my preferred style to document our lives and it really makes me happy to slip those photos into the pockets. 

I chose to catch up on a week from 2016. It was from September and I love how the colors all came together. Here is what the whole spread looks like together. 

This watercolor brush patterened paper is like my favorite thing in the kit. I cut some up to use as my title card. The white September word looks so pretty on that paper and I added my dates for the week underneath. 

This first filler card was one of those that I played around with the kits embellishments. I kept it simple with the circle tag and a few word strips. I also needed to add in some blue over on this left side to balance out the blues on the other side. 

I typically will follow the format of a journaling card then a photo and then another journaling card. This keeps my spreads looking nice, clean, and gets the job done. That is what I have done this week.  I have added a photo of me on a run one day with the family. 

One day this week we all went out as a family to go and work out and ride bikes. My bike turned out to be out of commission so I went for a run. 

I created this journaling card by starting with a strip of patterened paper on the side. Then I clustered some embellishments in a circle and added some journaling about our Labor day. 

Next to my journaling card is of our loved " stuffed animals" Husky and Fluffy. They drove the bus into my scrap room and wanted to help according to the kids. 


This week we also visited the library. My kids love the library and they love to check out books to read. 

Let's move onto the right side. 

Since I had some dog photos and stories I used the poodle die cut and made my own journaling card. I also used some more pieces from the die cut pack. 

One night we were out front in the yard and riding around our cul de sac. I decided to try out the skateboard. Wow, is that hard. I don't know how the kids do it. 

This week was the rivalry football game. We went over and watched it with some friends. We of course showed up in our Red glory to cheer on our team. I used the FAVE die cut to put on top of the journaling card. Football is one of my favorites. 

Here is one last photo share. 

That is it for me.  Thanks for coming by the blog today. Until next time. Happy Scrapping. 

July Collection Sneak Peek

Hello everybody!  It's Andrea here!  Today I want to share with you the July sneak peek.  Our July collection/kit is called “Sweet!” and it is full of beautiful, bright, fun, and vibrant colors and has a feeling that is reminiscent of summertime by the pool, eating ice cream...with a unicorn. Yes, I have included in this collection some really fun summertime symbols like ice cream and popsicles, but I also had to include some whimsical unicorn awesomeness as well.

There are rainbows in this collection, there are lots of reference to music and singing, there are a lot of reference to the pool and the beach, and a whole lot of yummy candy goodness.  The main underlying theme of the collection, however, is that of being yourself, and being ok with being yourself.  I was inspired for this collection, as I always am for our monthly collections, by several different Disney fairytales.  I did a mood board, as I always do, to help inspire me for the collection.  You can see it here.

As you can see in the mood board, one of the major inspirations for this collection/kit was Wreck-it Ralph and the land of Sugar Rush, which is a video game in the movie.  I challenge you to figure out the rest of my inspirations for July's “Sweet!” collection, and to place your guesses in our Facebook group, for a chance to win a fun prize!  This time there were five movies that I used for inspiration, so you just have to come up with the other four, since I gave you the first one.  Have fun playing, and I hope you're as excited as I am about our new July “Sweet!” collection.

Happy girl layout

Good morning everyone and happy Saturday to you all! I hope your weekend has started off good! Sarah here again this morning to share with you another layout I made with the beautiful Girly and Strong collection.

I loved this background paper and wanted to use it, so that's where I started with this layout. I had this picture of my youngest daughter, that I just caught when she was crawling around on the floor. Its nothing amazing or a fantastic event, just an every day moment that I wanted to capture.  So i cut this cut-file out on my Silhouette and laid it in the middle of my layout, where I wanted the focus. 

Then I went for that beautiful paper with all those roses on it and started to fussy cut them out.

Once I got the ones I wanted cut out, I started placing them around the cut-file. I slid my photo under the left side of the cut-file and layered a label sticker and a ticket from the ephemera pack. I added the Happy die-cut from the ephemera pack and then fussy cut out the girl from one of the planner inserts and placed them down. As you'll see on a lot of my layouts, I like to add splatter, so I did that here too.

I grabbed a few of my other favorite patterned papers from this months kit and added a few strips to the bottom. I tucked a fussy cut rose behind those, added the other half of the label sticker and the hello pretty word sticker. I kept seeing the packaging from the ephemera and thought I should use it,lol. So I grabbed the packaging and cut a triangle and slid it under the strips. I liked the way that looked and decided I wanted to add some more of it to the top left to add some balance. I finished by adding a label sticker, to pull some of the blue up to that corner and added a few more ephemera pieces and was done,

I hope the rest of your weekend goes great and that maybe you'll get some scrappy time too!

This is me layout

Good morning everyone!!

Sarah here this morning to share with you a layout I made about myself. I don't scrapbook myself very often, but I am trying to get more in the habit of it, so that my kids have these layouts when there older. I want them to know that I loved crafting, that I was goofy and playful.  So that's the direction I went with this layout.

I started out with my photo. I picked a goofy one that was snapped when were were on an outing. I knew I loved that paper with the script writing on it and I loved what was said on it, so I used that for the larger portion of my background. I was also attempting to not use a lot of white cardstock, this is something I have been challenging myself to do and with all these pretty papers its a bit easier for me! lol I grabbed a strip of the paper that looks like it was colored and used one of my boarder punches to add a little bit of scalloping to one side of the paper and then of course I had to add a little white cardstock off to the left of the layout.

Once I got the background down the way I wanted, I started going threw the ephemera I had and pulled thing out I knew I wanted to use on this layout. I did grab a doily from my stash too to slide behind the photo on the right. When I realized I was going to do that, I cut out a pretty little floral to put on the left hand side of my layout out for a little more balance. I wanted a little more color over on the left since there was so much while, so I grabbed that bright Hello wood paper clip and stuck it under my photo.

I went back and started layering the bits and pieces on the right hand side. I shuffled them around a few times and decided I was happy with where they were and started to adhere them down. I did pop my photo up on 3d adhesive and then added a little under that cute little poodles head too. I punched out a unicorn from one of the papers and layered it in there too.


I wanted a little to the far right side of the layout and I love love love that cute little lipstick, so I added the tag that said Create and popped the lipstick up and layered it on top. Then I went to the bottom of the layout and layered another unicorn, popped up on a piece of ephemera and then added some pretty sequins around the layout. Then I added the title, with the pretty gold puffy stickers. I didnt want to journal on the front of this layout, so I added a little card on the back an journaled a little for my kiddos.

This kit is just so pretty!!And so easy to play with! Thanks for stopping by to check out this layout!


Hi! It's Andrea here! And for those of you who do not know, The Fairytale Club has a special "fairytale membership" which is like the "premium membership" for our club, and you can subscribe to it (it is super inexpensive)...and you get lots of fun stuff like great discounts for classes and events and things, and you also get a cool membership email each month with lots of ideas and inspiration! But the coolest thing, I think, about the "fairytale membership" is the Mini-Workshops! Each month there is a Mini-Workshop, which is like a small class, and in it you learn how to make a lot of fun stuff!

For May's Mini-Workshop, I made several cool things!!! I made a fab layout and taught about incorporating script and painting into your layout for a bold title... I made a super cute planner divider pocket and showed how to turn it into a spot to boost yourself esteem each month (by placing little notes of inspiration inside)! And I made these really adorable tags...each one inspired by a fave fairytale character who inspired me for the "Girly and Strong" May collection/kit!

Today, I want to share with you my tags!!!

Aren't they so cute!!! I love how each one represents a different strong female in a Disney movie!

I don't know which one is my fave...maybe the Alice one...I love that girl with the pink hair...she is like pink haired Alice!!!

But I really love the Emma Swan one too with the Swan and the Mary Poppins one with the Carousel horse!!!

Which one is your favorite?!!?

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into the Mini-Workshop from May! Please click here to subscribe to our "fairytale membership" now and start joining in on the Mini-Workshop fun!!! Hugs everyone! And remember to live your life as a fairytale!!!

xoxoxxoxo -- Andrea

PL Week 13

Hi guys ! It's Mindi here with you today. I am going to be sharing a Project Life type spread using the Girly and Strong kit. I typically scrapbook 12x12 using pocket pages. I also typically do it weekly with a few events thrown in. Here is what the whole thing looks like. 

I am going to start off with the title card. I used the die cut piece that says hello. I added a little heart and then a half of a label. I felt like the photos on this left side were very color heavy so I used some white cardstock for the title card. 

Let's dive right into my week. This was a pretty typical one. On Tuesday I went along with Noah to a school field trip. We visited our small local zoo and so I included a photo of the 2 of us and then a smaller one of him and some of his friends. I used the pink Tuesday cut apart card to tell my story of going on the field trip. 

This week the kids were always searching for ladybugs in a patch of long grass that is in our backyard. I did add quite a few photos of them and the bugs. 

Let's move on to the right side of my spread. I have a few more photos of the kids in the grass.

I used a few of the die cuts that were perfect for this week. My daughters had their assemblies for being on the Honor Roll and Principal's List ( Straight A's) so I layered these two to spell out Smart Girl. Another thing that I did was cut down one of the planner pages to make a 3x4 card. I love how it turned out. 

I always get myself some Spring Flowers from Trader Joes. This week I chose these pink beauties and the colors were perfect. I added the gold puffy sticker that says HI onto the photo. 

This pink and white striped card was another one that I cut from a planner page. I talked about how Noah received a reward for Math at his assembly. So I added the A+ to the top and then to add in some blue color with the label. 

We took Noah out to lunch the day of his assembly to celebrate all his hard work. 

One last photo to talk about. This week was kind of crazy and by Wednesday I was eating my ice cream out of the container. I took a photo and there you go. 

That is a wrap for me today on the blog. Until next time, happy scrapping everyone !