Everyday Wishes Kit Full Reveal!

Hello there everyone! It is Andrea here and today I am going to share with you the full reveal of our next and newest kit – “Everyday Wishes”!!! Yaaay! I know many of you have been patiently waiting for this full reveal, and I thank you for that. I'm so excited to share with you this very special collection which is all about dreams and wishes coming true! As many of you know, I have really been having an extremely difficult time lately with my health. I've been in a lot of pain and very sad, if I'm completely honest...but I am and always will be the girl who believes in fairytales and dreams coming true and wishes on stars and happily ever afters...and so, I made this collection as a way to get through a very difficult time in my life and look forward with hope to a bright and beautiful tomorrow! For this reason, this collection is so important to me and has so much meaning behind it. And I hope that it will have a lot of meaning for you, too. I don't think I'm alone in feeling like this year has been difficult. 2017 has been tough for many of us for various reasons. So I think it is the perfect time to have something that reminds us to focus on our wishes and dreams and look to the potential and possibility for the future and 2018, specifically. So that is how this new collection, with lots of dreamy, happy, and hopeful fairytale imagery like unicorns and rainbows, and which has lots of inspirational quotes in it to help you remember to “keep on believing”, came about. I hope you will enjoy it and feel what I felt in making it – a renewed sense of wonder!

November 2017 - Everything Kit Block with title overlay.jpg

So let's take a look at this fantastical and wondrous new collection, “Everyday Wishes”. First, I want to talk to you about the color scheme and also some of the fairytale influences that inspired me to make this wishful, dreamy collection. As you may have already guessed by the name, the collection is heavily inspired by Disney Dreams and Wishes and specifically movies that particularly evoke that theme – such as Pinnochio and Cinderella. Both movies have iconic songs in them about wishing and dreaming – “When you wish upon a star” and “A dream is a wish your heart makes”. And both movies are quintessential Disney classics. Because they are classic Disney movies, the color schemes in them are very classic. And I wanted this collection to have a classic and romantic feel to it. For this reason, I used a light blue that evoked both the classic color of the “blue fairy” in Pinnochio, and Cinderella's beautiful ball gown! I also wanted the collection to feel particularly girly, so I wanted there to be light pink and light lavender in the collection as well. There is also some pale yellow in the collection and some teal. Overall, the color scheme for this kit is like one beautiful pastel rainbow! A rainbow, by the way is another image you will find throughout the collection and we will talk a bit more about that later.

Because of the theme of “Everyday Wishes”, I wanted there to be lots of magic in the kit, but by incorporating also the everyday...to show that even in everyday life, there is magic and the hope for dreams coming true. For this reason, in “Everyday Wishes”, you will find unicorns, but also frozen yogurt, rainbows but also umbrellas for those rainy days that seem perhaps less than magical or hopeful, and of course, lots of stars and moons to wish upon for those who dream of being a princess in a magical castle (a dream, I think no one is ever to old for). And yes, the princess and castle can be found in the collection as well!

Alright, lets go ahead and start looking at the particular goodies in this collection/kit! I want to talk to you about the beautiful pattern papers in this kit. They are so lovely and so happy and versatile too! The papers in this kit feel like a walk inside a rainbow itself...in a magical land of make believe where anything can happen! The patterns also feel modern and fun and perfect for you no matter what your dreams are or what age you are. Its definitely cute for little girls, but perfect for us big girls as well!

The lovely and oh so cool pink on pink moon and stars patterned paper, entitled "Magic Hour", with the super mod black and white square print on the back, is a perfect example on how versatile this collection is for dreamers of all ages. I love the way this patterned paper looks and feels! So fabulous, and obviously reminiscent of that magic hour in which Cinderella meets her "fairy godmother", or in other words, in that hour in which dreams come true!

I have several favorite patterns in this collection, but I would have to say that one of my very favorites, if not thee favorite, is my beautiful unicorn patterned paper! Absolutely love this paper! This unicorn is so very beautiful! She reminds me of the elegant white horses that carry Cinderella to her ball in her glistening gown and carriage. And because she is a unicorn, and not just a horse, this lovely fairytale creature on the "Everyday Wishes" patterned paper, reminds us all to dream big and reach for magic in our everyday lives!

I also really love the umbrella patterned paper. It is named "Jimeney Cricket" after that cute little conscience in Pinnochio! He has an umbrella if you recall, which he seems to carry mostly for floating around so as to help dreamers wish on stars! However, I also wanted the umbrellas in this collection because to me, an umbrella is also emblematic for rain and therefore, sadness. For me, there have been quite a few "rainy days" lately, but I know that after the rain, there is also so much beauty, because, after all, rainbows come after rain! 

This next pattern, called "Dreams Do Come True", is also a favorite! I just love the pastel confetti on the front! Feels like magical rainbow rain, or unicorn tears, or yummy sprinkles, or party confetti! All of these things make me smile to think about! And the frozen yogurt on the other side, makes me happy too! I want to grab it and eat it!

Here is my "A Wish Your Heart Makes" patterned paper and it is all about the rainbows! We have a super fun rainbow stripe on the front that kinda has a sweet 80's throwback feel to it, and then a really awesome rainbow heart on the back. Those hearts also bring back some fun and memories of my childhood, playing with toys like "Rainbow Bright" and "She-Ra: Princess of Power" and "Polly Pocket"! It reminds me of the time in which I imagined and dreamed most...and all my dreams were wishes of the heart!

As I said, this collection has so much in it that is super versatile, as well as dreamy! I think this next pattern is a great example of that! Here is "Blue Fairy" and it has this amazing graphic dual colored chevron on the front, and then a sweet and simple pink polka dot on the back. Both are so awesome because they are so multi-functional!

This next pattern is called "Cinderelly" and it is aptly named as it is in reference to Cinderalla as she transforms from her cute pink dress, into her new and magical, sparkling evening gown (via her Fairy Godmother). For this reason, we have the simple pink pattern on the front, and then the more bold blue and teal diamond pattern on the back. 

Now, lets look at the cut-apart sheets in the kit. Here is the first one, called "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo". I love this cut-apart! In it we have some of our Fairytale Club staples like the awesome tickets! And there are some really cool 2x2s and 3x4s on this sheet that can be cut out and used in pocket pages! I love the imagery on here like the princess card that says "princess" and the cute little blue fairytale birds tying the bow! Both things definitely remind me of Cinderella!

Here is my second cut-apart. It is entitled, "Upon a Star" and so, of course, it has moons and stars to wish upon, as well as a castle to dream in, and also a 4x6 card that says "when you wish upon a star" on it!

Now that we have explored the beautiful papers in this collection, let's now look at our beautiful embellishments! First, let's take a look at the ephemera pack that you can find in the kit. Here at The Fairytale Club, we believe strongly in the use of beautiful ephemera die-cuts, which you can use and reuse because they do not necessarily need to be stuck down. Because there is no adhesive on the back, you can also tuck them into pockets or paperclip them on pages. And this way, they can be used over and over again. I super duper LOVE these ephemera shapes! We have our beautiful unicorn, lots of lovely flowers, pretty blue birds, fro-yo, bows, stars, lipstick, butterflies, a princess cameo, a rainbow, some cute tags, and more! I love the "wishes" list so much too! It is everything that I am wishing for for the new year!

For this collection, we decided to do things a little bit different, and so, instead of including a few words in our ephemera pack, along with all the beautiful shapes...we decided to make a second pack that was all die-cut words! This is super useful, as you might imagine, and allows you all to create lots of titles and things for your various planning, scrapping and papercrafting needs! Words that are included are magical ones like "dream", "wish", "bright", "believing", and "star"....but also everyday words like "today", "hello", "everyday", and "memories".

We have some beautiful flair for our "Everyday Wishes" kit! I love the flair buttons that we do and so I had to do them for this collection. The princess flair and the adorable unicorn are my faves, but I am also excited to use the rainbow heart flair and the cute camera one too!

Next, we have our fabulous stickers! These stickers are so much fun! They are vibrant and bright and they very aptly evoke the theme of the collection which is all about wishes and dreams! All the stickers are cute and useful, but I think the cutest and most useful may be our fun little word/label stickers that are included in this sticker set.

Now that we have looked at all of the embellies in the collection, lets now take a look at all the beautiful planner pages that are in "Everyday Wishes". Check out this awesome overview of all the planner pages and take note of all the inspirational quotes and messages!

I really love the unicorn planner page soooooo much! Unicorns are a fave of mine and so I had to make a big, bold and beautiful planner page with this pretty little unicorn on the front. It says "Unicorn" on it too...just in case you didn't already know...wink, wink!

The inspirational quote planner pages in this collection are of particular importance to me. They really reflect what "Everyday Wishes" is all about and they carry my own thoughts and feelings...my own wishes and dreams for a bright and hopeful future! This one may be my favorite of all because it reminds us all to keep on dreaming no matter how difficult things may be.

And here we have a super cute and fun frozen yogurt planner page. I really enjoy this one...it does make me so hungry for fro-yo though! And it definitely was inspired by a wish that I have everyday -- for something sweet to eat!

This castle planner page is definitely a big favorite of mine too! It is my Fairytale Club castle...inspired by the most beautiful castle in the world...the one in the happiest place on earth. And in front of the castle, what do we find...some lovely fairytale birds tying a bow...very reminiscent of the birds in Cinderella!

I'm not really the biggest fan in the world of the color yellow, but I just love how it sets off my insta-matic camera graphic on this divider and makes it very warm and welcoming.  And the cursive "hello" underneath helps the whole thing feel even more friendly.

I like this next divider because it's a good reminder to appreciate what you have but also not to be complacent - there's always a brighter future within reach.

The sentiment on this next divider is all about finding the strength and passion that resides inside each of us.  It's great to have role models, but you have to remember that you are capable of so much and that you can and should be the person you admire the most.

I love love love this happy little bluebird, just reminding us to keep striving and to never give up hope, because dreams do come true.  And of course I always love a polka dot background, especially a pink one.

Here is another of my absolute favorites!!!! I looooooove this beautiful princess! She is so beautiful! This planner page with her on it, is just so dreamy...especially with the word "dream" down at the bottom and the unicorns on the back! 


This divider is simple, but I just love both the rainbow featuring all the colors of the collection, and also, of course, the multi-colored confetti background, almost like the rain that usually falls before a rainbow appears.

I love this next divider with its simple iconic phrase and the lovely yellow triangle of color in the corner to add some visual interest.  And I also love how the black and white-striped stars look on the back with the light blue background.

And, finally, I enjoy this last divider because we've taken my favorite umbrella from the umbrella patterned paper and featured it at a much larger size.  In fact, I would love to have an actual, real-life umbrella with that medallion print.  Can we make that happen?

In the two most recent past collections, we've done a black and white transparency and then a gold-foil transparency, so this time it just seemed right to do one in full-color.  And what better pattern than the multi-color confetti?  It's perfect for you to use for your TN inserts, for your scrapbook mini albums, for card-making, for a planner divider, a shaker card...really anything you can think of!

I hope you enjoyed this full reveal of our newest collection, "Everyday Wishes"!  And may this very special kit inspire you to wish upon a star and believe in dreams come true!!!

Xoxo -- Andrea