Aimee's "Wonderful World of Disney" Memory Planner Spread!

Hey all, Aimee here to share a spread from my memory planner.


August is a special month for me, and especially this year. My husband’s birthday is August 5th, our 1 year wedding anniversary is August 10th and my 40th birthday is August 15th.

So I thought it was pretty important that I make a special planner spread! And when I saw this calendar layout in the WWOD Kit I just knew it was meant to be.

Now that I have the most important dates marked for this month, I can’t wait to see what other memories are made for me to cut and paste and add to this spread!

Do you have a month in your life that is flooded with wonderful things?

XOXO Aimee

Ice Cream Cone Embellishments with Solange

Hey crafty friends!  Solange here with these cute ice cream cone embellishments using “The Wonderful World of Disney” kit, which I am so excited to be working with!


These simple and cute ice cream cones are great to use as decor or to decorate a happy mail package!


To create these cones, start out by cutting a piece of 6x6 paper and then roll it into a cone shape and secure it with hot glue. 

Cover a 3 inch foam ball with tissue paper with a color that matches your paper. You can find these foam balls in the floral section of your craft store.

Then glue your foam ball to the cone and add some cute trim around the edge to cover up the glue and to make your cone even cuter! Lastly, add sequins to the top to look like sprinkles and decorate using the ephemera and flair from the kit!


These are so quick and easy to make and will make your happy mail extra cute. See you next time, Solange. 

"The Wonderful World of Disney" Special Event Kit Full Reveal!!!

Hello there everyone! It’s Andrea here, and today I want to share with you the full reveal of our beautiful new specialty kit “The Wonderful World of Disney” which we made special for, and revealed at, our recent papercrafting event at Disneyland! It is such an amazing kit and just filled with the cutest vintage-retro Disney designs! I don’t know about you, but I love Disney! And the only thing better than Disney is vintage Disney!!! There is so much nostalgic awesome-ness in this collection and I can’t wait to show it all to you!

First, let’s talk about what the kit was inspired by and what it is all about. Whenever we have a special event, we do a special kit that is specifically made and themed for the event and the project that goes with that event/class. We have had a couple events before at Disneyland and they are always filled with Disney magic and they focus on a particular Disney theme (like “Mad Tea Party” for our Alice in Wonderland themed event and “Spooky” for our Haunted Mansion themed event)...and this time was no different! For our most recent event at Disneyland, the theme was “The Wonderful World of Disney,” which was about vintage Disney and the opening of Disneyland in 1955. And it is specifically about the show “The Wonderful World of Disney” which Walt Disney created in order to hype the park’s opening. In the show he revealed sneak peeks of the park and specifically its cool rides and attractions. For this reason, the collection is filled with lots of vintage Disney and Disneyland favorites from the 50’s and 60’s, like rides such as Dumbo and Teacups and It’s A Small World, and vintage Disney symbols like the castle, Mickey and Minnie, and the Mouseketeers!

This new collection, “The Wonderful World of Disney,” is so magical, and I love it so much! I know you will love it, too! Let’s take a look at all the cute goodies inside the kit, shall we? First, let's look at all the beautiful patterned papers in the kit. As you can see, the color scheme for this collection is composed of lots of pretty pastels combined with classic black and white. So there are lots of cute light pinks and lavenders and blues and yellows. This color scheme is perfect for the vintage vibe of the collection as it helps evoke that sweet, whimsical, and mid-century modern feeling of Disneyland back when it first opened in 1955.

This vintage-retro vibe especially comes through in the types of patterns in the collection, not just the colors. I am so happy with the way the patterns came out in this collection. They are super duper cute! And oh so vintage Disney! I have lots of favorites in this collection, and one of my favorites is the beautiful black and white patterned paper called “Mouseketeer”! It is so adorable and it has lots of vintage icons in it, including some cute little atomic images and the vintage Disneyland “D” and also the old Mouseketeer hat. On the back of this paper, is a beautiful multi-colored hexagon pattern that sort of gives an ombré effect.

Another favorite pattern of mine in the collection is the “Welcome to Disneyland” pattern that has the word Disneyland all across it. It is inspired by the vintage Disneyland hotel sign and is way cute!

I also really love the pattern called “The Wonderful World of Disney” (just like the name of thee collection), it has a kind of tile pattern which can either look like cubes or stars depending on how you look at it and which, with all of its various colors, feels very pretty and magical! On the back of this paper is another fave pattern of mine, the cute little lavender Minnie ears! They are so beautiful! And the pattern reminds me of my own collection of Minnie ears which I love to wear!

“I Heart the Castle” is another favorite and super beautiful pattern from the collection, and it of course has the lovely Sleeping Beauty castle from Disneyland on it!

The balloon pattern on the back of the “My Happy Place” paper is also so special and cute! It just makes me smile!

And I love the blues on both sides of the “It’s a Small World” paper! The geometric pattern on the front is awesomely retro! And the cute little Small World happy faces on the back are just so sweet!

Finally, let's take a look at the cut-apart sheets in the collection. There is the first one, called “Disney Girl,” and the second one, called “Hi Mickey Mouse." They are filled with fabulous vintage images like my cute, pink-haired Mouseketeer girl, Dumbo from the Flying Elephant ride, the Sleeping Beauty castle, the spinning Teacups, Small World, and Mickey and Minnie of course! And they each have some really pretty vintage-retro patterns on the back of them as well!

Alright, now that we have looked at the pretty patterned papers in the collection, lets take a look at the embellishments in “The Wonderful World of Disney”. This collection has a few really cute embellishments in it. One of which is the ephemera pack. The ephemera pack in this collection is super duper cute! I always love the ephemera packs in our kits! This one may be my absolute favorite though! It has some really amazing bits and pieces in it, like my cute little teacups, adorable little Mickey Mouse silhouettes, and cool script words like “magic” and “believe.” And some of my favorite die-cut pieces in it include the heart piece where Mickey and Minnie are kissing, the pretty, multi-colored “Love” word piece, the Small World building, Mickey and Minnie Mouse faces, and the cool vintage Tinkerbell piece with the castle in the background. And that’s just to name a few!

Now let's take a look at the pretty flair buttons that come in the collection. These flair are my most favorite ever I think! There is a really pretty castle, a cute Mouseketeer hat, Mickey and Minnie’s faces, the Small World face, and the vintage Disney D!


And before we talk about another super special embellishment (which I am saving to talk about at the end), let’s go ahead and look at all the super amazing planner divider pages that come in “The Wonderful World of Disney”! These dividers are so beautiful and vintage fabulous!

Just like the patterned papers in this collection, I have lots of favorite planner dividers too! One of my favorites is the cool divider that says “The Wonderful World of Disney” on it. It is so very pretty with the ombré/rainbow effect on the words and also the cute little Tinkerbell floating about on the page with her magical wand!

Another favorite divider of mine is the oh so pretty Small World one with my version of the ride's building on it. I designed it to be quite colorful, with all the lovely pastels and I think it looks super cute with the fun banners and numbers and the sweet and happy clock face!

I super love the romantic Mickey + Minnie divider with the big heart, the signatures and their cute little mouse faces on it! Way cute!

The Dumbo divider is also really sweet and cute and definitely another fave! It is a depiction of the Dumbo The Flying Elephant ride and is very vintage and whimsical with the pretty pinks!

Of course the castle divider is way beautiful and one of my absolute favorites too!

I really love the phrase dividers that come in this collection too! Especially the one that says “Make Magic Each Day” on it!

And I also really, really love the divider with my cute vintage pink-haired Mouseketeer girl! She is a big Disney fan just like me!  The calendar dividers are so cool and useful too!

Finally, now that we have gone through all of the cute dividers in “The Wonderful World of Disney,” let’s talk about what I think to be the best and coolest part of the collection and a new and super special surprise that I made particularly for this special event collection and which I am so very excited about!...our new enamel pin!


Yes, that is right, we made a pin! And it is so very super duper adorable and girly and vintage-kitschy-cute! It is in pretty pinks and lavenders and blues and looks super “Kuwaii” if you ask me! It is a fun pink cameo of the Sleeping Beauty Disneyland castle and it has the sweet little Disney birds with a big pretty bow on it! I just absolutely love it! It is perfect to use to wear and also perfect to put on your planner/scrapbook album as another embellishment!!! It is just perfect! I am super excited about this pin and I hope that it is just the first of many pins from The Fairytale Club to come!

Alright, now that’s it for this reveal of the new “The Wonderful World of Disney” collection. I hope you enjoyed it and are as excited about it and in love with it as I am! The collection is up for sale now!  Talk to you later everyone!
Hugs! — Andrea

"The Wonderful World of Disney" Event Kit Sneak Peek!

Hello there everyone, it’s Andrea here today and I want to share with you something really special — the sneak peek for our special event collection, “The Wonderful World of Disney”!

It is the collection/kit that will be given to the guests at our special papercrafting event at Disneyland on June 3rd! I’m so excited! Have you gotten your ticket yet?! If you haven’t, there are still a handful of spots left open! But get them while you can! “The Wonderful World of Disney” kit comes as part of the event and was created specially for our all who come are definitely going to get it (plus a few other awesome goodies just for them). However, there will be a limited quantity of the kit available after the event for whoever can’t attend and would like to purchase it. Just make sure to get yours fast once they go on sale on June 3rd!  Or, if you are a subscriber, you will have the opportunity to reserve your special event “The Wonderful World of Disney” kit and have it sent as an “add-on” to your regular kit subscription...yay!!! This collection/kit is so beautiful and vintage and inspired by Walt Disney’s show “The Wonderful World of Disney,” which he created in order to build hype for the opening of the new Disneyland park back in 1955. This kit has that same nostalgic feel as the show and includes lots of references to vintage rides in the park like “Small World” and “Dumbo” and also that famous group, “The Mousketeers”! I just love this collection! It takes you back to a special time in Disney history — which is just what we will be doing in real life at our event on June 3rd ...taking you back in time for a fabulous vintage Disney experience! And with all the special things and surprises we have in store for our upcoming event at the park, including this beautiful kit (wait til you see the rest!), it really is “The Wonderful World of Disney” over here at The Fairytale Club headquarters! Can’t wait to show you more! And I hope to see you at Disneyland!!! See ya real soon everyone! Xoxo — Andrea